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What to Expect From Your Citrus in April

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Mar 31, 2023

What are your citrus plants doing right now?

Rain, rain, go away! April is a big month for transitioning plants. In some areas, you’ll be planting, while in other areas, you’ll be battling fungal issues from wet conditions. Focusing on water and how it flows through your soil is key right now. Here’s what to expect from your citrus in April:

Prepare Yourself for Blooms!

  • Citrus blooms are not very big, but they should be fragrant, especially on more established trees. 
  • Indoor and potted citrus plants should bloom at the same frequency as those planted outside, but might be delayed due to the differing conditions inside and outside of your house.
  • Hand pollination is key for indoor plants if you want fruits. To do this, simply swirl a tiny paintbrush, cotton swab, or even your finger from flower to flower to spread the pollen. Be sure to do this while the flowers are open. 

    hand pollination

    Hand pollination

    Tips for In-ground Growing

    • If you transitioned your plant inside to protect it from winter weather and haven’t yet transitioned it back outside, you can do so now, as long as the threat of frost is gone in your area
    • For in-ground plants, monitor the soil to make sure it stays on the slightly moist side. Citrus plants won’t tolerate sitting in excess water. If you notice that spring rainfall is causing excess water to collect around your plants, try to divert the water or add substrate to the soil to increase drainage. 

        Keep Growing

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