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#1 - Rapitest Soil Moisture Tester

Rapitest Soil Moisture Tester

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Maintaining Soil Moisture the Easy Way

Proper water maintenance can be tricky, especially since all plants have different requirements. But with the Rapitest Soil Moisture Tester, watering is a breeze!

Moisture is a key component in growing a healthy garden, so it’s extremely important to understand your plants’ water preferences. The Rapitest Soil Moisture Tester is an easy-to-use tool that tests for moisture down to the roots of plants and indicates when it’s time to water.

It’s ideal for house plants, window boxes, patio pots, hanging baskets and more! Your moisture tester will come with a watering needs guide that indicates the moisture guidelines for over 100 plants, so you can easily find your specific variety’s preferred watering number. 

  • Makes watering easy and accurate
  • No more over-watering or under-watering
  • Small and compact for easy storage

To use the Rapitest Soil Moisture Tester, simply push the probe vertically into your container about two thirds down and check the meter. This will indicate whether watering is needed or not based off your specific variety’s watering number. You’ll want to add water only if the needle lands on or below the plant’s preferred watering number. It’s as easy as that!

Product Contains:

  • 1 Rapitest Soil Moisture Tester
  • No batteries required

This tool is a gardener must-have! It’ll save you time and energy while keeping your plants healthy and thriving. Order yours today!

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