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Leyland Cypress Trees are fast growing evergreens that transform into large, mature trees. They can be used as beautiful accent trees around your landscape, or planted in rows to create a living privacy wall. When Leyland Cypress Trees are planted in rows, their thick foliage creates a massive green barrier.

For one of America’s favorite trees to plant, the Leyland Cypress is a relatively young cypress variety. In 1888 plant hunters were bringing different varieties of evergreens to the grounds of Leighton Hall, a wealthy estate in Wales, in need of exotic plants in the landscape. Two trees native to America, the Alaska Cedar and the Monterrey Cypress were brought in. As a result, they cross-pollinated with each other to create the all-natural Leyland Cypress hybrid.


For the best results, plant your Leyland Cypress Trees in full sunlight. They can tolerate partial shade but prefer full sun. Southern-facing areas tend to receive the most light.

When planting in rows for a privacy screen, space each tree about 5 feet apart. For even better results, plant them in a staggered row, about 8 feet apart.

Leylands will adapt to your natural soil, even if it is sandy or heavy in clay. Just make sure that it is well-drained. To amend heavy clay soils, add organic material like compost. This will help lighten the soil and improve drainage.


Keep your soil moist, but not oversaturated. During the growing season, Leyland Cypress Trees need about an inch of water a week. It’s best to water them by holding a hose at their base and counting to 20. This ensures that your trees receive a slow, deep watering.

Generally, Leyland Cypress Trees don’t need any fertilizer. But if your trees need a boost, feed them annually (every spring) with an all-natural, organic fertilizer like formula 10-10-10.

The best time to prune your Leyland Cypress Trees is during early spring. Pruning your trees before the growing season is like resetting them and allowing new, vigorous growth. You can prune your trees to shape them or keep them at a certain height.

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