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#1 - Sky Pencil Holly Tree
#2 - Sky Pencil Holly Tree
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Sky Pencil Holly Tree

Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil'

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Sky Pencil Holly Tree Care

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sun shining


Plant your Holly in an area with full to partial sun - at least 4 hours of sunlight daily.

drops of water


Water weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Water when the soil is dry 2-3 inches down.



Fertilization isn't required for your Holly, but you can apply an evergreen fertilizer in the spring as needed.

One of the National Arboretum's Elite Plants

Why Sky Pencil Hollies?

Famous for its good looks, from our nation’s capital to your backyard, the Sky Pencil Holly is a popular, versatile evergreen tree. Especially since it can be planted as an accent on the corners of your exterior, or in rows for a narrow hedge, or alone as an ornamental.

But no matter how you use it, you can expect hassle-free care. You'll be fascinated by the Sky Pencil Holly's shape - growing skyward naturally without the need for trimming (unless you want to keep them at a specific height). So, if you’re looking for a sleek, updated, stylish look, use these Hollies with their tall, narrow, columnar shape.

Plus, it's one of the few plants whose branches grow upward. And very few shrubs can give you this kind of height without encroaching on nearby plants. The Sky Pencil’s benefits are endless, from its sleek silhouette to its cold-hardy growth, all the way down to -10 degrees.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

But the best part of our Sky Pencil Holly is its strong beginning. We’ve planted, grown and shipped your Holly with care, so you’ll get successful results at home. And our larger trees have more advanced root systems, meaning they will adapt more quickly to your environment while providing faster growth.

Recent increases in demand have left this plant in short supply. Order yours today for fast shipping - right to your door. Create a lush, easy-to-grow look with our Sky Pencil Holly!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:4-10 ft. or trim to desired height
Mature Width:1-3 ft.
Growth Rate:Slow
Botanical Name:Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
Grows Well In Zones:5-8 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


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Sky Pencil Holly

I purchased 2 to border a window. They arrived well packed & very healthy. They are a beautiful addition to my xeriscape garden.

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Bob M.
Verified Buyer

Doing good

My tree is doing well even after it was in tranist 3 days longer than fedex stated. Has only been in ground a week and half before hard freeze, watered it very well before so hopefully make it through winter.

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Jill M.
Verified Buyer

Exceeded my expectations

Trees arrived exceptionally healthy! Both are nicely shaped. I planted in front of a white picket fence at my sidewalk entrance. They frame the opening nicely. I love the texture of them!

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Beautiful plant!

Plant arrived packed very well and looked very healthy out of the box. It took a few days to get it planted and so far things look great. I was impressed to find the plant online and have options for the size. It was a 3-4 footer so I could plant it where another had died and it it wasn’t terribly short next to the others. Thanks for your excellent service! I will shop your plants again.

Media from review #1
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Verified Buyer

Bug Bitten, But Shrugged It Off

These things have established well, even in a historically hot summer I've been able to keep them all alive. They arrived in a condition that looked like some bugs went to town eating holes in the leaves, but in a matter of weeks the new growth made it a non-issue. I've only had one struggle, and that was my fault because I didn't realize a section of my flowerbed wasn't getting watered in my new home construction. I think it'll survive, but it's lagging well behind the others due to my negligence lol.

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