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Dec 01

Columnar Trees: Top 4 for Any Space

Imagine green, full-bodied foliage, year after year...and in any space. With our Columnar Trees, it’s possible. You get beauty in the barren winter landscape, manageable growth, and modern good looks no matter what and no matter where you plant.

Plus, these are energy-saving trees because they shade your home from heat and cold - seriously!

What Are Columnar Trees?

Columnar Trees in the Show

So, what are Columnar Trees? It's right in the name! Like people, trees come in all shapes and sizes...and Columnar Trees are one of the more unique, on-trend sizes you can find. Columnar Trees are perfect for all types of landscapes since they typically grow narrower and sleek, fitting into a number of tight spaces. If you're looking to 'spruce' up your space effortlessly, look no further. Here are our top 4 Columnar Trees!

1. Baby Giant Arborvitae

An improved variety of the Thuja Green Giant, the Baby Giant offers a number of one-of-a-kind benefits: Starting with improved winter color for year-round greenery (which is less susceptible to browning and yellowing).It's also super adaptable, thriving in a compact size that makes it the perfect choice as a privacy hedge for homeowners with smaller yards.

If you want sun in your backyard but still love your privacy, Baby Giant is the ideal choice.

2. Red Columnar Apple Tree

A columnar Apple Tree for any space? It almost seems too good to be true, but we're for real!This tree grows arrow straight and has virtually no branches; however, it still produces fast fruit. And it's been known to withstand summer temperatures of well over 100 degrees. All the while, it stills yield healthy and productive harvests with delicious fruit.

3. Sky Pencil Holly

One of the original Columnar Tree favorites, the Sky Pencil Holly is truly second to none.

Italian Cypresses and Columnar Trees

Famous for its good looks, from our nation’s capital to your backyard, the Sky Pencil Holly is popular for a reason (or two). Especially since it can be planted almost anywhere, as an accent along your foundation, in rows for a narrow hedge, or alone as an ornamental.

4. Italian Cypress Evergreen Tree

An elegant, narrow silhouette sets the Italian Cypress apart amongst Columnar Trees and it grows up to 3 feet each year. Plus, it's one of the top trees to increase your property value...especially since it's tolerant of many climates and gives height to your foundation plantings without taking up too much space.