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Columnar Evergreens

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If you’re looking for fast growing columnar evergreen trees, you’ve come to the right place! Named for their statuesque shapes and known for their imposing heights, columnar evergreen trees are a favorite among novice and expert landscapers alike for their pleasing looks and easy-to-care-for qualities.

Whether you’re adding interest to a pool deck, impressing visitors with a Medterreanesque border along your driveway, or building a lush privacy wall, columnar evergreens provide a wow factor unlike any other evergreen.

We’ll explore all of the amazing benefits of columnar evergreens, but if you’re looking for more traditional greenery, browse our full collection of evergreen trees.

Types of Columnar Evergreens

Columnar Evergreens

Our collection of columnar evergreens range from majestic cypresses to versatile junipers—here are just a few of our favorite cultivars:

The Italian Cypress is known for its chic, narrow silhouette that evokes visions of grand European estates. Used by many homeowners to increase property value, the Italian Cypress doesn’t just look great, but boasts low-maintenance qualities like pest resistance and drought tolerance. Because their shape is so narrow, these trees can fit into areas where you don’t have a lot of space—even better? They can grow up to 3 feet each year in zones 8-10, helping you make a big statement quickly!

Skyrocket Juniper is a versatile evergreen variety, boasting pest resistance, cold hardiness down to -20 degrees, and no-hassle height. Standing out from other varieties within the evergreen category for its blue-green hue, this evergreen features dense, well-spaced greenery that’s adept for tight spaces. Plant them in an area where they’ll receive full sun in zones 4-9.

Gold Cone Juniper can elevate your yard with its unique hue, which starts as yellow from spring to fall before transitioning to a blue-green during the colder months. Known for thriving in poor conditions, the Gold Cone grows in zones 4-7, is cold hardy down to -20 degrees, and needs no pruning.

Benefits of Columnar Evergreens

Good looks and great heights: The iconic, column-like shape of this evergreen makes them a sought-after option for many homeowners, as its elegant shape often evokes images of grand Mediterranean estates. And with some varieties achieving heights upwards of 30 feet, these evergreens make a mighty first impression. Grow these beauties in zones 8-10

Energy-saving: When planted near structures, columnar evergreens actually have the ability to save you money on your heating and cooling bills! In the summer, these trees provide shade for your house, helping lower temperatures inside. And because of their year-long needles, these trees hold in heat, helping to provide a level of insulation around your house.

Easy to care for: Many varieties of columnar evergreen shrubs boast low-maintenance qualities, making them good options for lazier landscapers. Because they are evergreens and don’t lose their leaves annually, clean up isn’t an issue. Additionally, many varieties boast drought tolerance and pest resistance, adding function to their aesthetic benefits.

Columnar Evergreens Growth and Care

You’ll find the best columnar evergreen trees at Fast Growing Trees because of the well-developed growth our experts nurture in our greenhouses. To ensure continued fast growing columnar trees, take note of these key care notes:

Planting Area: If planting as a privacy or decorative border, make sure to pay special attention to spacing needs of your evergreen cultivar when measuring your desired planting area.

Sunlight: Most columnar evergreens need full sun to reach their maximum heights. Plant in an area where your tree will receive at least 6 hours of sun.

Watering: Once established, most columnar evergreens can subsist on rainfall alone. Although many varieties are drought-resistant, you’ll want to pay attention to their soil during times of extreme heat and drought.

Fertilizing: Your evergreen’s growth will likely be aided by applying fertilizer in the spring, but the type needed will vary depending on the variety you choose to plant. However, some varieties like the Italian Cypress thrive in a variety of soils without the aid of a fertilizer.

Pruning: Since columnar evergreens grow in their signature cynical shape, pruning is not needed on most varieties. However, if a certain shape or hedge is desired, you can prune as desired.

Questions About Columnar Evergreens

How do I top columnar evergreen trees?

To top off an evergreen, or shorten its height to create a flat-topped tree, you’ll remove all of the tree’s vertical branches. This practice can lead to health issues for your tree, so we recommend reaching out to our Plant Experts for guidance if you’re considering this practice.

How should I prune my columnar evergreen trees?

Columnar evergreens are much-loved because of their natural column-like shapes and do not require regular pruning. However, pruning can be done to achieve a specific shape if desired.

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