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The Original Bendable Moss Pole™

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The Original Bendable Moss Pole™ is a Best-Seller for Climbing Plants

The Original Bendable Moss Pole™ allows you to train your plant to grow the way you want it! Simply pin its stems around the flexible frame, and your plant should adapt to the pole within a couple weeks. 

This best-selling moss pole is made up of completely natural, pesticide-free Sphagnum Moss Mix and is handmade to ensure the very best quality. In fact, The Original Bendable Moss Pole™ recently replaced its man-made stone base to a beautiful natural granite. Our 30” pole includes a 4” x 2.25” base and is sustainably sourced from various regions around the world.

Because climbing plants do not grow perfectly straight, The Original Bendable Moss Pole™ was designed to promote natural growth. To use it, place your pole inside a planter and cover with soil. Then, place your plant around the pole, compressing additional soil around the base. Use the included pins to help support your plant’s stems around the moss pole, and voila - your plant is ready to go!

Excited to try the first-ever Bendable Moss Pole™ this spring? Then, hurry and get yours before they’re gone!

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