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Need Indoor or Outdoor Decor? These House Plants are Ideal

Need Indoor or Outdoor Decor? These House Plants are Ideal

Need to dress up that bare patio or lonely corner in your yard? You’ve come to the right place. These lush indoor/outdoor trees and vibrantly blooming house plants are well-suited to fill the holes in your decor. Best of all, the hassle-free, low-maintenance options you need are available and fit perfectly, indoors or out.

From fruit trees to classics, our house plants elevate your home effortlessly—with the added perks of healthful benefits and all-natural growth. Here are our top four house plants that thrive indoors or outdoors.


1. Dwarf Cavendish Banana

A voluminous focal point that grows your afternoon snack? Check. The Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree is one of the most versatile and adaptable house plants on the market. Best of all, you’ll get pounds of bananas each year with this fast-growing juggernaut. Click to add the Dwarf Cavendish to your collection.

Cavendish Bananas


2. Aloe Vera Plant

If you need something a bit smaller for your home office, the Aloe Vera fits the bill. It’s one of the top house plants for tight spaces and a true Jack-of-all-trades. Pops of green with contrasting light spots make it an eye-catching pick, and it produces a super soothing gel as an added perk.

Aloe Vera

Break off the leaves’ tips to collect calming and cool Aloe Vera gel to treat burns. And it’s completely low-maintenance because it’s a succulent and stores its own water. Order your Aloe today!


3. Papyrus Plant

Summertime shade on your patio or in your yard—house plants can do it all. And the coveted Papyrus Plant is no exception. It’s defined by ultra-lush sprays of foliage that fit in nearly anywhere. Another benefit is that it doesn’t require a green thumb. Your backyard pond or moistened container will ensure these house plants stay happy and healthy because they’re low-maintenance. Because it ticks these boxes and more, it’s easy to upgrade your decor with the Papyrus Plant!

Papyrus Plant


4. Braided Benjamina Ficus

Last but not least, the cream of the crop for house plants: the Ficus. Except this pick deviates from the status quo in the best way.

Thanks to its braided silhouette with natural weeping foliage, the Braided Benjamina boasts a cleaner look and sleek visual interest than your typical house plants with a laid-back twist. Plus, it tolerates long periods with no sunlight and withstands the occasional freeze. Lend a unique touch to your home with the Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree! 

And with these top botanicals, you’ll get maintenance and lush looks in one. Choose your favorite from our selection of house plants—from bananas to ficuses, we have it all!

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