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Summer Bloomers: Top Trees and Shrubs

Summer Bloomers: Top Trees and Shrubs

As summer sets in, what beautiful summer bloomers do you see in your landscape? The spring flowers from Redbud Trees, Dogwoods, Flowering Pears, and Flowering Cherry Trees have bloomed and dropped. However, you don’t have to wait all year for spring to come back around for more beautiful, bright blooms. Check out this list of the top flowering trees and shrubs that provide colorful flowers amidst the summer heat.

1. The Mimosa Tree

The Mimosa Tree is one of the most reliable summer bloomers. Because it grows in a huge variety of poor soils, these vigorous growers shoot up with a growth rate of 2 to 3 feet per year. Plus, Mimosa Trees have light gray bark for unique contrast in almost any landscape. Its leaves are long and slender, providing a tropical and exotic feel, while the hot pink flowers pop against them.


2. The Endless Summer Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are attractive shrubs that grow both in the ground and in containers. They have huge clusters of blooms, but how do you decide what color you want between their common shades of pink, blue or white? Well, the Endless Summer Hydrangea has both pink and blue blossoms. The pH balance of your soil will affect the color of the blooms.


The blooms are blue when their soil is more acidic, and the blooms are pink when your soil is more basic, and you can raise its pH balance by adding lime. Often times, if left on its own, this Hydrangea will have both bright pink and blue blooms that pop against its luscious green foliage.


3. Gardenias

The Frost Proof Gardenia and the Double Blooming Gardenia tree are both summer bloomers worth mentioning. One is a shrub, and the other is a tree, but they both produce large, fragrant white blooms that pop against their long, deep green leaves.

Furthermore, their sweet, floral fragrance is always recognizable as it drifts through neighborhoods. And both of these Gardenia varieties grow extremely well in both containers and the ground.



4. The Black Night Butterfly Bush

This flowering shrub provides distinct beauty, as large clusters of purple flowers shoot out like cones, emerging from a sea of green foliage. Black Knight Butterfly bushes stand out in any landscape, with tons of lavender-colored flowers filled with sweet nectar to attract summer wildlife shows. And these striking shrubs grow quickly to mature heights of 4 to 6 feet their first year, even in a variety of poor soils.

This flowering shrub doesn’t require any fertilizer, but for an extra boost, give your Black Night Butterfly Bush well-balanced, organic fertilizer like formula 10-10-10.

Butterfly Bush

5. Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtle Trees are commonly mistaken as spring bloomers, but they don’t bloom until the middle or end of June, right when summer starts. Their tendency to have multiple trunks, and grow in a vase-like shape, make them quite an attractive tree. Personally, we’re swooned by all of their bloom colors – from pinks and reds to purples and white.

Crape Myrtles

And they tend to grow very quickly. The Pink Velour grows 2 to 3 feet per year, while the Muskogee Crape grows about 4 to 5 feet per year. There are large and small Crape Myrtle varieties that suit any planter’s needs.

Enjoy Summer Bloomers

Spring flowers are always beautiful and provide relief winter is over. However, summer is an excellent time for bright, fragrant blooms too. Add these summer bloomers to your landscape to make your yard pop with beautiful color during pool parties and barbecues. It’s not too late to plant!

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