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Peach Tree Spotlight: Top 4 for Summer

Peach Tree Spotlight: Top 4 for Summer

Summer is coming. That means it's the perfect time to plant a few fruit varieties for your landscape...and when we think of days spent outside, grilling and gardening, we instantly think of the Peach Tree.

It's easy to see why the Peach Tree is a symbol of the season: From its rich blush and orange-yellow color to its sweet, refreshing taste. And the best part is that having your own Peach Tree, right in your backyard, is simple. Here are our top 4 to get you growing this summer - you'll have an at-home orchard to call your own in no time.

1. Frost Proof Peach

So, the Frost Proof is probably not what comes to mind for summer, but hear us out, especially if you live up North. The Frost Proof Peach can carry you through multiple seasons, standing up to last fronts and still producing a large, delectable harvest.

Peach Tree Spotlight, Frost Proof

Plus, the Frost Proof Peach is pest resistant, disease resistant, and drought tolerant, so you don't have to have a green thumb to grow the Frost Proof Peach Tree right at home. Basically, the Frost Proof is synonymous with virtually carefree growth, perfect for beginners and experts alike. 

2. Bonfire Patio Peach

Dealing with a small yard, or no yard at all? It's no problem when it comes to the Bonfire Patio Peach Tree. It’s aptly named for its ability to produce the blazing signature color of peaches and delicious taste without taking up much space, especially since its mature height is 4 or 5 feet.

But don't let its small stature fool you...the Bonfire Patio Peach produces sweet, succulent and sizable peaches with plenty of flavor, despite its small silhouette. And as with most of our Peach Tree varieties, it couldn't be simpler to grow.

3. Elberta Peach

When you think of the classic Peach Tree, you're thinking of the Elberta Peach Tree. Elberta Peaches are some of the world's most famous peaches because of their taste, timeless color and easy upkeep (including disease resistance). The Elberta Peach gives you sizable peaches that are well-suited to canning, snacking and baking.

Elberta Peach Tree

And did we mention disease resistance? In fact, Elberta Peach Trees are the most disease resistant peach varieties available. They're even insect resistant, meaning you can grow your peaches harsh chemicals or sprays. 

4. Redskin Peach

Last but not least: With the Redskin Peach Tree, you get the best of two varieties in one fresh package. Which means fruit in 2 years or less for you.

A descendent of two favored varieties, the Red Haven and Elberta, the Redskin Peach Tree is a premium fruit producer. Plus, you get a top-choice, fresh and firm peach, along with juicy texture that packs a quintessentially sweet, tangy punch, perfect for eating right off the Redskin's branches.

And it's another pick for small landscapes because it's a self-fertile dwarf variety that fits almost anywhere.

Redskin Peach Tree

So, why wait? Get crisp, delicious color and the sweetest fruit imaginable from your backyard. Forget trips to the supermarket or big box - get a Peach Tree (or two) for yourself, delivered right to your door for the summer. Check out some of our other top selections, and get growing!


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