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Flowering Trees from Classic Shrubs

Flowering Trees from Classic Shrubs

Flowering Trees

With spring around the corner, it’s time to start planning our gardens. And while classic flowering shrubs like roses, gardenias and hydrangeas are timeless, you can place a unique spin on your garden by planting flowering trees of the same types.

Instead of having a flowering shrub low to the ground, you will have an explosive ball of foliage and flowers sitting atop of a single trunk. Your yard will come alive with the distinct beauty of flowering shrubs in tree form!

1. Double Knock Out Rose Trees

Tough and disease resistant, these trees pump out large, vibrant roses until the first frost. In their tree form, the Double Knock Out’s rounded foliage shines like a beacon above a bare trunk.

Most Double Knock Out Roses have blooms until Thanksgiving or later, depending on how cold it gets in your area. These flowering trees are recommended for growing zones 5 through 10, but if you are located in a colder growing zone, place your rose tree in a container and bring it indoors during the winter. Once temperatures start to warm up, place your potted tree out on the porch or patio and watch it erupt with spring blooms.

As an added bonus, Double Knock Out Rose Trees come in a variety of colors. Add pink, red, white or yellow blooms to your garden for bursts of lively color.


2. Gardenia Trees

What is summertime without the rich aroma of gardenias drifting through the landscape? Fragrant Gardenia blossoms make the air even sweeter and often awaken memories of summers past.

Bring them to the present with a unique Gardenia Tree. The large, pure white blossoms pop against the classic dark and glossy green leaves for an eye-catching display of contrasting colors.

And the Gardenia Tree’s blossoms have double petals, meaning they’re larger and have more pure white petals. Their large blossoms will sweeten the air in your yard, and in your home if kept as an indoor tree.

Plus, when it’s placed near a sunny window indoors, or an area that gets 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day outdoors, your Gardenia tree will take off. It’s a low-maintenance, fuss-free gardenia variety you’ll love.

3. Limelight Hydrangea Trees

Greet guests with a mass of lush green foliage and large clusters of bright blooms. With all of this and more, the Limelight Hydrangea Tree is unforgettable.

Whether it’s planted around your entryways, kept in containers to frame your porch or living indoors, Limelight Hydrangeas draw attention and brighten any space.

Their white, softball-sized bloom clusters dazzle onlookers and pop against a backdrop of green foliage. The blooms and branches can be clipped and placed in vases to be preserved as centerpieces or as the perfect decoration in any room.

Best of all, these flowering trees have a sweet floral scent and iconic flowers that let people know the best days of the warm summer have arrived. Placing the blooms in vases is often a 4th of July tradition, but with the Limelight Hydrangea Tree you’ll have blooms for months.


Celebrate Spring!

Before we know it, our yards will defrost and vibrant flowers will be opening in our landscape. Don’t let the spring season pass you by! It’s never too early to start planning your spring landscape, especially with flowering trees that set your yard ahead of the pack. Check out our sweet variety of flowering trees, and select your favorite!

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