Blooming Tree in Spring

Genetically Improved Trees Make Landscaping Easier

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New Hybrids Make Landscaping Easier

EmpressTree-Nursery-04With the Earth’s resources constantly depleting every day, we cannot rely on natural courses alone to ensure that the planet will keep growing and flourishing.

One of the highest demand plants in the world is trees. Not just any old trees will do though, the world needs fast growing trees – they are the solution to many of the Earth’s natural problems.

Fast growing trees will allow us to reverse the damages very rapidly. That is why scientists have found ways to not only improve trees, but help them remain healthy and more vigorous for a longer period of time.

Planet Earth needs fast growing trees that are pest and disease resistant to provide us with optimum shade and carbon absorption. Scientists understand that all of these traits are developed through the use of selective horticultural genetics. If they want these trees to be perfect, they must extract the right genes and place them all into one new cultivar of the same species of tree.

Blooming Tree in SpringTraditional methods used in breeding of fast growing trees would involve taking two trees and breeding them together over and over until you found the best combination of genes. Earth doesn’t have this many years to wait, it takes far too long to wait for the tree to come out the way you would hope for it to be.

Scientists today extract the genes they want directly from the DNA, and take from various trees to get all of the traits that they want. These traits are all implanted into one developing cell of a seedling. Once it is properly incubated, so the genes are given time to grow into the new DNA and new cell, that cell is then copied again and again using a process known as tissue culture.

YoshinoLake220This makes it possible to mass produce millions of identical, improved fast growing trees, like the Okame Cherry Tree and the Royal Empress Tree. These seedlings are then placed into the ground where it is only a very short matter of time before we have the perfect trees who can serve for shade, privacy, carbon reduction, etc.

Improved fast growing trees do everything a normal tree would do, only in half the time and with twice the hardy vigor.