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Trees & Shrubs for Wyoming

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Plants perfect for Wyoming

Wyoming Trees

Home owners in the Cowboy State are often come to the Fast Growing Tree Nursery when they’re looking for a fast growing shade tree to enhance their residential landscape. The type of trees you plant in Wyoming will depend on where you live – the great Plains, the Rocky Mountains or the Intermontane Basins – and the benefits you expect from the tree.

The Best Trees for Planting in Wyoming

Outstanding WY tree choices will always include varieties that are highly adaptable to the unique climate of the varied Wyoming regions. Wyoming has a semi-arid and continental climate, which makes it both drier and windier than much of the rest of the United States. Before you choose your trees, it’s advisable to consider your climate and soil type.

We know you want fast growing trees that hardy, and are perhaps even native to the Cowboy State such as our wide range of Maples, the American Elm, the Live Oak or the Hybrid Poplar. Other trees that suit arid regions include the Drought Tolerant evergreen and the Snowball Bush.

If you’re looking to plant a row of evergreens, try our Thuja Giant or Leyland Cypress. The both grow quickly to form a uniform, living green wall. Unlike other trees that are prone to many diseases, these evergreens are disease resistant as well as fast growing.

When you want to brighten your landscape, consider flowering trees like the Kwanzan flowering cherry tree. This tree grows well in Wyoming and as well as its burgeoning spring flowers, it is also large enough to also be a shade tree. Some of the best trees for WY landscapes will be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

A Large Variety of Trees for Wyoming

Wherever you live in the state from Powell to Laramie, or Afton to Lusk, we have the trees for your unique region. Our wide selection of trees for Wyoming is sure to provide some colorful and practical solutions for your residential landscape.

The Wyoming state tree is the Cottonwood. This deciduous tree is fast growing and will reach up to 100 feet tall when it is mature. It has a wide, upright trunk with an open crown covered in light green leaves.

The official Wyoming state soil is the Forkwood series. This gray-brown loam is very deep and well drained. It is used mainly for grazing livestock and for wildlife habitats. It is a suitable soul for cultivating fast growing trees and shrubs.

Gorgeous Wyoming landscapes are usually a mixture of different types of WY hardy shade trees and flowering trees that grow well in all regions as well as evergreen and fruit trees. Trees that adapt to the soil type in your specific region of Wyoming are always the best choice for an eye catching and low maintenance landscape.

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