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Trees & Shrubs for Washington

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Plants perfect for Washington

Washington Trees

Homeowners in Washington are proud of their Evergreen State residential landscapes. When they’re looking for fast growing trees that will quickly provide dense shade during the summer months they turn to the Fast Growing Tree Nursery. Which trees you choose to plant in your Washington State garden will depend on where you live – the Olympic Mountains, the Coast Range, the Puget Sound Lowlands, the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia Plateau - and the benefits you expect from the tree.

The Best Trees for Planting in Washington

Good considerations for tree choices in WA will always include species that are highly adaptable to the climate, which is divided by the Cascade Mountains. The western regions of the state are quite mild, as are the middle and southeastern Atlantic Coastal regions. The latter is also one of the rainiest areas in the whole world. Washington’s eastern regions however, experience hot summers, cold winters and little rainfall. At fast Growing Trees Nursery, we can help you find trees and shrubs that will easily adapt to your Washington environment.

We know you want fast growing trees that are hardy. If you live in Washington’s cooler western regions, consider the popular Hybrid Poplar, the disease resistant Chinese Chestnut, the low maintenance Sourwood Tree or the easy to grow Sawtooth Oak.

If you’re looking for a tree that will grow quickly to provide dense shade during the warmer months, the American Beech is a winner, as are its compatriots the American Sycamore, American Elm and the Sweetbay Magnolia.

If you want to add lively color to your garden, we have a whole palate to choose from, with the vibrant reds of the Red Sunset and Profusion Crabapple, purples of the Lochinch Butterfly bush and the soft pinks of the Endless Summer Hydrangea and the cheerful Royal Empress. For a touch of gold, choose the Thornless Honeylocust or the Gingko.

To add more shade with a living screen, plant a row of our American Holly, Thuja Giant or Leyland Cypress evergreens. They all grow quickly to form a uniform, living green wall. They are easy to grow and disease resistant. For small but equally effective boundary screens, consider non-invasive Black Bamboo or the variegated Soft Touch Holly.

A Large Variety of Trees for Washington

Wherever your location, from Spokane to Aberdeen or Oroville to Goldendale, at the Fast Growing Tree Nursery, our Washington tree options provide something for every taste and climate zone throughout the state. You can count on our experts to help you find the perfect trees and shrubs for you.

Washington’s state tree is the Western Hemlock. This evergreen conifer reaches up to 200 feet tall and up to 4 feet in diameter when mature. It has yellow-green leaves and produces small, egg-shaped cones. It has brown-black scaly bark.

The Tokul soil series is designated as Washington State soil. It’s named after a small community and creek in Washington’s King County. It covers more than I million acres throughout the state and is used for crop production, grazing and timber production. It is one of the most fertile soils in the world. Your trees and shrubs will thrive in Tokul soil.

Lush Washington landscapes are usually a mixture of different types of hardy shade trees and flowering trees that grow well in the Evergreen State, as well as evergreen and fruit trees. Trees that adapt to the soil type in your specific region of WA are always the best choice for a pleasing, low-maintenance landscape.


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