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Mississippi Trees

If your home is in Mississippi, you will be used to short winters and a long, humid summer season. Summer temperatures are quite constant throughout the state and usually average around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, the southern regions are more temperate than those in the north due to the Gulf of Mexico’s influence.

The Magnolia State is renowned for its varied array of trees and shrubs. Native flora includes Tulip Tree, Was Myrtle, Black Cherry and Southern Magnolia as well as a range of Dogwoods and Maples. Planting trees that are indigenous to the state has a number of advantages. They are better adapted to the soils, they fit the MS climate and they attract native butterflies and other Mississippi natural wildlife.

The Best Trees for Planting in Mississippi

If you’re looking for additions to your Mississippi residential landscape, we have a range of native trees that are acclimatized to your region. The Tulip Tree will feel right at home in your Mississippi landscape. This tree will be the brightest tree in your neighborhood with its brilliant golden leaves.

Our Sweetbay Magnolia is another MS native. It produces creamy-white blooms in late spring and early summer and will make a stunning addition to your garden. It can tolerate very moist soils, even standing water, and is one of the most disease-resistant of all the Magnolia trees.

If you are a fan of the Magnolia, we also stock the Mississippi’s state tree, the Southern Magnolia. This is a classic symbol of the American South and it will provide dense shade in the summer time. It can grow up to 60 feet tall when it reaches full maturity.

Here at the Fast Growing Tree Nursery, we also have a range of Maples that will dazzle you will their colorful foliage. Choose from the Norway, Red Sunset, Scarlet, October Glory, Autumn Blaze, Coral Bark, Red Dragon, Weeping Japanese and Bloodgood Japanese Maples.

Whether you live in Mississippi’s Capital/River Region, the Coastal Region, the Delta Region, the Hills Region or the Pines Region, you will be pleased with our selection of trees that are unique to your region. Some of the hardiest trees for MN can be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

The Southern Magnolia is Mississippi’s state tree. The tree bears evergreen needles between 4 and 5 inches long. It produces oval, brown pinecones. As pine trees go, this is a medium tree, reaching up to 90 feet tall in full maturity.

The State soil of Mississippi is the Natchez. It can be found along the Mississippi Delta bluffs and is a brown, silt loam. As well as Natchez, the state has a wide variety of soil types including alluvium and black loam. If your soil is marshy or sandy, it can be amended by adding organic matter and fertilizer.
Mississippi natural landscapes are often a mixture of hardy shade trees and flowering trees and shrubs that thrive in the Magnolia State. Choosing trees that can adapt to your climate zone and soil types will make your landscaper easier to care for.