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#1 - Watering Wand
#2 - Watering Wand

Watering Wand

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Watering Made Easy with One-Touch Flow Control

The Watering Wand is designed for the efficient gardener who values precision and conservation. Its intuitive design ensures water flows at your command, all with a simple touch of your thumb.

Whether you’re tending to delicate seedlings or quenching thirsty shrubs, The Watering Wand allows you to adjust water pressure seamlessly. With just one touch, you have full control and ensure your plants get just the right amount of water they need.

Thanks to its efficiency-focused design, The Watering Wand makes it easy to transition between plants without wasting a single drop, so you can conserve more water.

Crafted from premium heavy-duty aluminum, The Watering Wand offers durability without the weight. Its ergonomic design makes for fatigue-free watering sessions, allowing you to care for your garden longer and with more comfort.

And, whether you're navigating tight spaces or reaching over broad beds, you can choose between our 16-inch wand for close-up care or the 30-inch wand for extended reach.

Elevate your garden watering experience by grabbing The Watering Wand today!

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