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#1 - Ponderosa Lemon Bush
#2 - Ponderosa Lemon Bush
#3 - Ponderosa Lemon Bush
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Ponderosa Lemon Bush

Citrus x limon 'Ponderosa'
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Grow Giant Lemons at Your Florida Home!

Why Ponderosa Lemons?

The Ponderosa Lemon is a tropical cross between citrons and traditional lemons, producing giant lemons that are the size of grapefruits! Each one weighs about 1 to 2 pounds for a powerful flavor kick.

The Ponderosa Lemon can produce lemons year-round, depending on your climate, but peak harvest seasons are late summer and winter. Perfect for planting outdoors in Zones 9-11 or indoors in containers in colder locations, this citrus will wow you with abundant, delicious fruit. Plus, the fruit will remain on the bush for many months without deteriorating, so you can take your time enjoying them.

Speaking of delicious, this lemon has a sweet flavor and plethora of juice that enhances foods and drinks of all kinds, so you'll want to include them in all of your meals. You can even use its thick-skinned rind for adding lemon zest to your favorite dishes. And don't forget to whip up fresh lemonade with your Ponderosas for a refreshing and tantalizing treat!

And something else to note is that the Ponderosa bears fruit and flowers simultaneously. The display of beautiful white flowers with a touch of purple and bright yellow lemons is simply stunning in your garden or home!

Why FastGrowingTrees.com is Better

Because we've carefully grown and nurtured your Ponderosa Lemon, you can be confident it'll be ready to perform when it reaches your door. You'll quickly be enjoying the impressive growth, fragrant blooms and delicious fruit of this unique citrus. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more exceptional variety with both ornamental appeal and fresh flavor.

Order your Ponderosa Lemon today to experience its wonderful qualities for yourself!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

    Mature Height:12-24 ft.
    Mature Width:10-12 ft.
    Growth Rate:Moderate
    Harvest Time:Late Summer & Winter
    Year to Bear:Can Fruit the 1st year!
    Botanical Name:Citrus x limon 'Ponderosa'
    Grows Well In Zones:4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors

    (hardy down to 30℉)

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