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#1 - Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes
#2 - Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes

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Grow Healthier, Happier Palm Trees

There's nothing like a palm tree to add a tropical touch to your home or landscape. And with our Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes, you'll be able to grow happy, healthy and attractive palms, without the hassle.

No more yellowing fronds or curled leaves. Specially formulated for palm trees, these Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes are designed to provide fast, efficient and long-lasting nutrients. They effectively fertilize your palms, while protecting them from common deficiencies that affect palm trees.

These Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes include Nitrogen plus soluble Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Copper Sulfates. Proprietary binders slow release, to ensure safe and long-lasting fertilization.

This kit comes with 5 Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes, plus a reusable plastic cap. Just place your Palm Spikes at the outer edge of your palm tree's rootball, cover with the plastic cap, and hammer into the ground.

Get happier, healthier palm trees today. Order your Palm Tree Fertilizer Spikes!

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