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Lemon-Lime Citrus BushCitrus x 'Meyeri'; Citrus aurantifolia

  • Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush

    Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush

  • Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush

    Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush

  • Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush
  • Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush

* Images shown are of mature plants

Lemon-Lime Citrus BushCitrus x 'Meyeri'; Citrus aurantifolia

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The Best of Both Lemons and Limes

Why Lemon-Lime Citrus Bushes?

Lemons and limes look so pretty together - wouldn’t it be nice if they grew side by side? The Lemon and Lime Citrus Bush does just that. You’ll receive one Meyer Lemon Bush and one Lime Bush in a single pot - and you can choose between a Persian or Key Lime!

Bright Meyer Lemon and tasty Lime are planted together, so you'll reap a harvest of both fruits without sacrificing space in your home. This bush pair will thrive indoors in colder climates, though it can be planted outdoors in warmer parts of the country. And this neat, double-bush form will only reach mature heights of eight feet tall and six to eight feet wide, so you'll never have to worry about it taking over!

What’s more, with our Lemon and Lime Bush, you won’t have to wait long for your bush to bear fruit. With our larger sizes, you can even get fruit the first year! Before it's shipped to your door, your bush will have spent months in our greenhouse developing hearty roots and strong branches.

The Lemon and Lime Citrus Bush can make your home feel like a tropical oasis, no matter where you live. Don't miss out - get twice the citrus fruit with our Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush today!

Why FastGrowingTrees.com is Better

Aside from its no-fuss benefits and beauty, you get a powerhouse producer. We've planted, grown and shipped our Lemon-Lime Citrus Bushes with care, so you get better results on day one.

Plus, you won't find this tree at your local garden center or big-box store. The Lemon-Lime Bush is exclusive to our nursery!

Get bright citrus fruit delivered to you right now. The Lemon-Lime Bush provides endless fruit, fragrance, and visual appeal, all from the comfort of your own home. Don't miss out on the benefits of this amazing fruit bush!

Pollination Info

Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush Pollination

Lemon-Lime Citrus Bushs are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Lemon-Lime Citrus Bush will drastically increase the size of your crop.

Planting & Care

1. Planting: Plant your Lemon-Lime Bush in a pot that is 12 to 14 inches in diameter. Use a basic, organic potting mix without any fertilizer added, place your bush, and water to settle the roots. Adding mulch or cedar shavings to the top of the soil helps retain the plant's moisture.

2. Watering: Lemon-Lime Bushes need plenty of water. To know when to water your tree, simply check the soil about 3 inches down. If the soil is dry here, it's time to water your bush.

3. Fertilizing: A citrus or avocado fertilizer will give the best results, such as the one included in our Citrus Care Kit. Your leaves will tell you if you need to add certain fertilizers later. If your leaves are too yellow, the plant needs more nitrogen. If the leaves are yellow with green veins, then the Lemon-Lime Bush needs iron.

4. Pruning: There's no need to prune your Lemon-Lime Bush. If you want to keep its shape, then you can prune as desired.

5. Pollination: Our trees are self-fertile, but you can pollinate by hand for your indoor trees. Simply take a bloomed flower and pluck it. Gently rub the center of the flower over the center of the other flowers. This will essentially do what bees will do for you outside in the summer!

Shipping Details

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Product Details

Mature Height: 6-8 ft.
Mature Width: 6-8 ft.
Sunlight: Full-Partial
Growth Rate: Moderate
Harvest Time: October - November
Year to Bear: Can Fruit the 1st year!
Botanical Name: Citrus x 'Meyeri'; Citrus aurantifolia
Does Not Ship To: AL,AZ,CA,FL,GA,LA,OR,TX
Grows Well In Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
Your Growing Zone: #
4-11 patio         /           8-11 outdoors       Map

Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉)

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