Black Gold Snake Plant

Black Gold Snake Plant
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Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉) 
      4-11 patio
      8-11 outdoors
   Map 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
Mature Height:
1-3 ft.
Mature Width:
1-3 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Sansevieria Trifasciata
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Product Description

The Easiest House Plant You Could Ask For!

No Green Thumb Required

The Black Gold Snake Plant is effortless to grow. It requires little water, thrives on neglect, and will stand strong in rooms with low light! Often considered a bullet-proof plant, this hard-to-kill evergreen will make a bold statement with its fun and exotic look in any room, while asking very little of you!

Unique Tropical Appearance

Its upright leaves are long and sword-like, with some reaching 2-3 feet. Often called “the Mother In-Law’s Tongue” because of its sharp edges, its smooth leaves are banded in color all the way to the tip. This succulent is native of western Africa, and will certainly stand out with its bold, tropical look. Its deep green (almost black) leaves are outlined in bright lime green, creating a terrific contrast of color.

The Black Gold snake plant stands tall like a modern work of art, making it a favorite for decades in interior design.  It can serve as an accent piece in your home décor; perk up any room with its fun and elegant style.

Breathe Easy with this Air-Purifying Plant

In a Clean Air Study completed by NASA, the snake plant was rated one of the top plants for improving air-quality. It actually removes several toxins from the air! It’s also one of the only plants known to produce oxygen all through the night. Place it in a bedroom and rest easy with this easy-going evergreen!  

Low-Demand Plant

It’s often hard to find a plant that thrives in little light. The Black Gold Snake Plant is a sure-fit for your dimly lit room. Even more, it stores water in its leaves, much like a cactus, making it highly drought tolerant. It prefers soil on the dry-side, so avoid overwatering, provide a space with partial light, and watch this snake plant take off! It can go weeks without needing attention; occasionally water in spring, then only water every other month in winter! 

Survives While You’re Away
If you’re busy work schedule keeps you away for long periods of time, this low-maintenance plant is the one for you. It’s a perfect gift for a teacher’s classroom, office, or for any one who’s often on-the- go. It will tolerate the times you need to travel, and look healthy as ever when you return. 

Fits in Tight Spaces

This plant is perfect for apartments, or any room in your home that lacks space to sacrifice. With its tall and slender shape, it takes up very little space. It slips easily between furniture, can be placed against a wall without taking up square-footage, and can be tucked away in any corner of your home or office.

Order now to have this easy-going Black Gold Snake Plant add a tropical touch to your home!

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Kathy Murdock

Just beautiful.

Came in good health and well packaged.

Kathy Murdock verified customer review of 15728
nichole lane

Nestled in an ready to grow

I love snake plants. This plant arrived quickly and in great health. It is now in our dining room beneath a skylight and clearly stable.

Nancy Joy

At home

Settled into its home. Doing well in moderate light from east and west lightly shaded windows. Seems a sturdy specimen.

Planting & Care

Location:  The Sansevieria ‘Black Gold,’ commonly referred to as the ‘Black Gold Snake Plant,’ or the ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue,’ is a tropical plant that has been grown for the last 250 years as a favorite houseplant around the world. In areas that suffer from frequent frosts or inclement weather, the plant grows well potted on patios, balconies, and porches where the plant can be moved indoors before winter. However, in USDA plant hardiness zone 10, it is a popular landscape addition.

Garden Planting Instructions: The Black Gold Snake Plant is renowned for it exceptional hardiness. It will grow in full sun, partial shade, or full shade. Although tolerant to any sun exposure, bright indirect light will bring out the colors in the foliage.

Choose a planting site with well-draining soil. The Sansevieria can tolerate alkaline or acidic soil. It is also not picky about the type of soil and will do well in sandy loam, loam, or clay. The plant can also withstand maritime conditions and salt spray. During the winter in low sun areas it will only water once a month.

Dig a hole that is twice as large as the plant’s root ball. Gently take your fingers and loosen the roots before you place the root ball into the hole. Mix hummus into the soil at a ratio of 50 percent organic matter with 50 percent garden soil. Place the mixture around the plant’s roots. Press the soil firmly down to remove any air pockets.

Apply a three-inch layer of mulch such as pine needles, bark chips, recycled plastic chunks, or peat moss. Spread the mulch across the soil’s surface to prevent weed growth and keep the soil moist.

Container Growth: Choose a pot that is twice as large as the Sansevieria plant’s root ball. Pick a pot that has drainage holes in the base to allow the water to freely flow out of the pot and keep the plant’s roots from becoming overly saturated. Place three inches of general purpose potting soil into the bottom of the pot. Set the plant’s root ball on top of the soil and add potting soil around the plant’s roots. Fill the pot with soil to 1 inch below the rim of the container. Gently press the soil down around the plant’s roots to remove all air pockets. Water the newly potted plant thoroughly after planting. Turn the pot ¼ of the way each week for an even amount of light exposure.

The Black Gold Snake Plant can go years without requiring repotting. It often thrives in a root bound situation.

Watering: After planting keep the soil slightly dampened around the Black Gold Snake Plant’s roots but not overly saturated for the first year after planting. During the dry season, water the plant at least once per week. Once established, it has the ability to survive even an extended drought.

When grown as a houseplant, allow the soil in the pot to dry out between waterings.

Fertilizing: In ground plants will benefit from a balanced, granular fertilizer once a month in the growing season. Sansevieria are light feeders so overfeeding them may cause harm to the root system. For a potted plant, use a half diluted, general all purpose fertilizer for houseplants once every three weeks throughout the summer.

Dividing: The Sansevieria grows in clumps and tolerates division well. Divide the plant’s clumps during the spring or early summer months to transplant to pots or other areas of the garden. Sansevieria plants frequently live and thrive for generations.

Pests and Diseases: The Black Gold Snake Plant suffers from no significant diseases or pests. 

 After planting keep the soil slightly dampened around the Black Gold Snake Plant’s roots but not overly saturated for the first year after planting. During the dry season, water the plant at least once per week. Once established, it has the ability to survive even an extended drought.

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