Ready-to-Use Animal Repellent

  • Ready-to-Use Animal Repellent

Ready-to-Use Animal Repellent

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  • 32 oz
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Safe & Effective Animal Repellent  

Dealing with unwanted critters in your garden? The Bobbex-R Animal Repellent is here to save the day!

Containing a very effective sticking agent, this spray does its job, and it does it well! It’ll successfully keep rabbits, groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels, voles and deer out of your garden, so you can spend more time watching your plants flourish and less time dealing with pest destruction. 

And the best part is that this spray contains all-natural and recycled ingredients, making it environmentally friendly and non-harmful.

Plus, this ready-to-use formula comes with a trigger sprayer, so application is easy. Spray directly on plants to protect them or use as a bulb-dip to prevent underground damage of new plants.  

If you’re ready to rid your garden of pesky critters, order your Bobbex-R Animal Repellent!

Ingredients: The Bobbex-R Animal Repellent is an environmentally friendly product that contains all-natural and recycled ingredients for safe and effective use. It's recommended for use on shrubs, flowers, forest trees and not-yet-bearing vegetables. 

Application Instructions: Spray plants every 10-14 days, or every 2 inches of new plant growth. For extra protection during fall and winter, spray every 4-8 weeks. To apply, spray directly to dry plant surfaces, including leaves and stems and fully coating both sides. Formula can also be used as a bulb-dip to prevent underground damage of new plants.

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