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Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspen
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 2-6 outdoors

(hardy down to -40℉) 
      2-6 outdoors
   Map 2-6 outdoors
Mature Height:
40-50 ft.
Mature Width:
20-25 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Populus tremuloides
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

Fast Growing Cold Hardy Tree

- Known for climate and soil adaptability
- Grows up to 5 ft per year!
- Gorgeous fall color

The Quaking Aspen is well known for thriving in cold climates and poor soil... but it's also a brightly colored tree with many desirable characteristics.

Your new tree will give you bright yellow leaves in the fall - stunning against its white bark.

Quaking Aspens, native to North America, are very popular in northern growing zones... and for good reason.

You know fall is on its way when your Aspen trees begin turning bright gold.

An amazing tree in every sense, the Quaking Aspen gets its name from its shimmering heart-shaped leaves. Called 'quaking' for its characteristic tremble or quake when a light breeze passes through the tree.

Grows best in Growing Zones 2-6

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Carlene Salazar

Too soon to tell completely

So far it looks nice and healthy. Branches are cool to the touch so transpiration is taking place. Won't know how well it will be until spring when the leaves should start to open.

Doug Craig

Deer proofing! Don't even consider Aspens without it if you have deer around.

My 3rd attempt at growing aspen trees has proved successful. My first try was with bare root trees. That didn't work at all. My 2nd attempt was with 4-5' trees that showed up in great shape probably 1gal root balls. As it turns out they are excellent deer food. They loved them! Starting at the top they ate them all the way to the ground like pencil sharpeners. 3rd attempt I found some more mature specimens locally around 10' tall and fenced them in. 3yrs later they've doubled in height. They look great and are worth the effort.

Foo Ma

Quaking Aspen

I ordered a total of 6 Quaking Aspens last fall and unfortunately 2 of them didn't make it the spring of 2018. Fast Growing trees replaced my trees immediately! Awesome customer service! I haven't received the replacements yet but the other trees look great small but I have high hopes for them. Thanks for reading

Summer Brown

Good trees

I have had these trees for a few weeks now. I got two of them. One is doing well and one has been completely eaten by deer. I rated 5 stars because it would probably be doing great like the other one if it wasn't for those pesky deer! :) We have since put a net fence around the trees and the one that wasn't eaten is doing great. I recommend but watch out for deer! :)

Shery Ertzner-Groo

Quaking Aspen

I have them in the ground however I have no idea if they all will make it. Due to the time of year that I ordered them the leaves were mostly off and the ones that remained were moldy. The Customer Service department at Fast Growing Trees warned me prior to their arrival of the condition of the trees but due to my past years of successful ordering with this company I took the chance. I will be able to know for certain come spring of 2018 how healthy the trees were/are.

Planting & Care

The Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) are a beautiful, tall growing evergreen tree that can take some serious cold! These fast growing, widely adaptable fall foliage beauties are well suited for USDA growing zones 2-6. They have a splendor of fall colors with their bright gold yellow leaves against their decorative white bark. Aspens fully mature to a height of 40-50 feet tall, 20-25 feet wide and are quite drought tolerant. The name "Quaking Aspen" comes from the shimmering, heart-shaped leaves as the wind passes through their canopies.

Choosing a location: Please plant your tree as soon as you can. This will give the tree a chance to adjust to its new environment. If you are experiencing extreme heat, place your potted tree in a well-shaded area, such as a garage, or plant it in a well-shaded area in your lawn. Once older, your tree will be able to handle these temperatures. Typically trees do not experience much growth during times of extreme temperatures.

Planting directions: Your planting site should be a full sun location receiving 6+ hours of direct sun every day. The Quaking Aspen is quite adaptable to many soil types but require well draining soil. They will not tolerate standing water for prolonged periods of time.
1) Dig your hole two times the width and depth of the root system of the plant your are working with. This will give the roots plenty of room.
2) Hold the tree straight as you begin back filling the hole with your gardening/native soil mixture.
3) Tamp down the soil as you go to eliminate any air pockets from forming.
4) Once the hole has been completely filled, water the area to settle the soil and then mulch to help keep weeds and grass from growing around the base of the tree.

Watering: During the first year, make sure your tree gets water during extended dry spells, particularly in the summer months. Drooping leaves are a sign of both over or under watering, so take great care of your tree.

Fertilizer: Fertilize conservatively. Organic fertilizer high in nitrogen works well. You can use a Miracle Grow 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 fertilizer formula. Avoid fertilizing the tree directly. Instead, fertilize the tree’s soil.

Weed Control: Keep weeds and grass two to three feet away from the tree in the first year. Pull the weeds initially and then you can use a growing mat or mulch. Do not spray roundup on a young tree and be careful that wind does not blow chemical drift on the tree.

Deer: If you think deer may be a problem then you may want to consider caging the tree(s). Deer have been found to adapt to different chemical treatments or sprays to deter them. Caging is the only definite way to keep them off of your tree(s).

Insects and Disease: The best defense is a healthy tree. Quaking Aspen Trees are very hardy. Good soil, proper feeding and keeping the tree from getting too much water are key to its prosperity. If worms bite holes in the leaves you can sprinkle sevin dust on them. These little bites do not affect the tree since it grows at such a fast rate and putting on so many new leaves.

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