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Edible gardening? It seems out-of-a-reach for a lot of home gardeners, but with these survival plants, it’s actually pretty easy. Plus, these tasty trees and plants offer health benefits, clean-air perks and more. Check out our top 5 offerings below:

1. Blueberry Plant

Not only will their succulently sweet flavor impress, but they also boast wonderful benefits as well. This fruit will boost your immune system, protect against UV damage and provide antioxidants! Blueberries are also proven to help with cardiovascular health, too. It’s the top of the line when it comes to survival plants.

Fresh Blueberries

2. Hazelnut Tree

Hazelnuts contain many nutrients that are vital to not only your health but also the development of your body. This popular nut tastes best roasted or blended a la the highly addictive Nutella. And unlike most nut trees, hazelnuts produce earlier than most. Best of all? They’re said to help manage diabetes, combat obesity and help prevent cancer.


3. American Basswood

Looking to sustain your own heat and campfires? Look no further. The American Basswood is a popular choice for fire because its soft wood is highly susceptible to friction. This tree can also double as food because of its sweet inner bark and edible leaves. You know, just in case you’re tired of fruit and berries.  

4. Fig Tree

These small, pear-shaped fruits have a sweet and nutty taste with a chewy strawberry flesh. Figs are known not only for their popularity amongst snackers but also for their cold hardy durability. Unlike most fruit, Figs can withstand winters that would usually kill other fruit trees. Figs can also help with sore throats and be used as tinctures on tumors, warts, and wounds.

Fresh Figs

5. Willow Tree

Another great option for bark and firewood is the Willow Tree. The bark of this tree contains the same anti-inflammatory and anti-fever properties that are found in aspirin, making it one of the top survival plants. 

See these plants and more for yourself - check out our survival plants and trees today!