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How to Care for Your New Plants

Your new plants have arrived! Now what? Follow these quick planting and care tips for outdoor and indoor plants to ensure your new varieties get off to a great start! 

Outdoor Planting Directions

outdoor planting instructions

Indoor & Patio Tips

Indoor & Patio Plant Tips

Seasonal Arrival Tips


You may notice your plant is missing leaves, but don’t worry - that’s normal for deciduous plants and trees! Your plants have been inspected to ensure they’re happy and healthy before they ship to you. You’ll start to see new growth as plants come out of dormancy.


You may see spots, holes or wilted foliage - these are cosmetic issues caused by the environment and should not affect your tree’s health. Follow your tree’s recommended planting and care tips, and be sure to give it plenty of water!


As the weather changes, your tree may start to lose leaves as it enters dormancy. You may also see foliage that appears aged or spotted - that’s normal as your tree prepares for fall. Plant and care for your tree according to instructions so it can establish before winter!


You may notice that your plant is missing leaves - this is normal for deciduous plants and trees in winter, while they rest to prepare for spring growth. Remember to continue to water your plant throughout the winter to help it establish strong and healthy before spring!


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Plant problems? We're here to help!
From dry leaves to discoloration, get our expert guide to diagnosing and treating common plant problems and keep your plants growing healthy this season and beyond!