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Curb appeal? It’s a must-have. Though interior upgrades are important, home buyers are even more excited about touring a home that looks inviting on the outside. Investing in your landscape is the easiest and quickest way to increase home value! Here are five tips and tricks for boosting your curb appeal.

Increasing Home Value

1. Trees on Trees

A wonderfully landscaped home can improve home value almost instantly. Believe it or not, manicured landscapes on tree-lined streets tend to hold a higher value. If you don’t live on a tree-lined street, that’s no problem…you can add your own! The best trees to plant: Crape Myrtles, Magnolias, Blue Spruces, Thujas, Japanese Maples and Dwarf Conifers. 


2. Color in Bloom

Yard-bound color lends an inviting feel to your entire home. Perennials, annuals and seasonal flowering shrubs all fit the bill—plus, with mulching for maintenance, decorative entryway pots and green, lush grass, these plants make the ultimate statement. Nothing beats bold hues for home value!

Home Value

3. Hedging

Looking for something a bit simpler than trees or colorful hedges? Try edging your driveway and sidewalk. Edging with lush green plants will make your yard look clean-lined and neat, and best of all, it gives the look of lower maintenance to prospective home buyers. 

4. Get Matchy Matchy (In a Good Way) 

A lot of gardeners look over this step, but it’s the most important part if you want your home’s exterior and yard to be harmonious. Try evergreen plants and brightening up your door with new paint and house numbers. The evergreens will make your yard look clean and healthy year-round, while the bright door catches home buyers’ eyes from the street.

5. Prune for Home Value!

It may seem obvious, but it’s super important: Pruning your yard will make a very big difference. A carefully, meticulously-maintained exterior is second to none when it comes to home value. A few quick ways to make your yard look well-kept? Pull up weeds, mulch for a tidy appearance, and keep your yard watered and mowed at all times.