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#1 - Root Rocket® Evergreen Rocket
#2 - Root Rocket® Evergreen Rocket

Root Rocket® Evergreen Rocket

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Jump-Start Your Evergreen Growth

If you love our Root Rocket®, you'll love our new Evergreen Rocket, created for you by the same expert horticulturists and plant experts. It's designed to promote growth and ensure healthy transplanting across all species of evergreens.

This unique formulation has the nutrients your evergreens need to establish quickly and thrive after transplanting. A 4-1-2 blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, this fertilizer also contains tons of beneficial microbials that help increase nutrient availability in the soil while defending against plant stress.

While both Root Rocket and Evergreen Rocket contain beneficial fungi, our Evergreen Rocket includes ecto-mycorrhizae, which is especially beneficial for evergreens.

Plus, it's easy to use! Just apply this one-time soil enrichment to your evergreens to jump-start growth. Your trees and shrubs will establish quicker and grow faster, for long-lasting year-round impact in your landscape.

  • Improves rooting, nutrient availability and plant and soil health
  • Reduces plant loss and fertilizer use
  • Protects against heat and drought stress

Get stronger, happier evergreens that thrive in your landscape with our Evergreen Rocket. Order yours today!

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