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best sellerThuja Green Giant
Growing Zones 5-8

Thuja Green Giant

2557 reviews
Starting at $19.95
best sellerLeyland Cypress Tree
Growing Zones 6-10

Leyland Cypress Tree

589 reviews
Starting at $19.95
best sellerDouble Knock Out® Rose
Growing Zones 5-10

Double Knock Out® Rose

304 reviews
Starting at $24.95Up to 58% OFF
best sellerPhenomenal™ Lavender Plant
Growing Zones 5-9

Phenomenal™ Lavender Plant

289 reviews
Starting at $29.95
best sellerEmerald Green Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Emerald Green Arborvitae

621 reviews
Starting at $15.95Up to 20% OFF
best sellerItalian Cypress
Growing Zones 8-10

Italian Cypress

245 reviews
Starting at $29.95
best sellerTaylor Juniper Tree
Growing Zones 3-9

Taylor Juniper Tree

98 reviews
Starting at $69.95
best sellerBaby Giant Arborvitae Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Baby Giant Arborvitae Tree

136 reviews
Starting at $74.95
best sellerChicago Hardy Fig Tree
Growing Zones 5-10

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

522 reviews
Starting at $59.95
best sellerPink Lemonade Blueberry Bush
Growing Zones 4-8

Pink Lemonade Blueberry Bush

140 reviews
Starting at $59.95
best sellerHoneycrisp™ Apple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Honeycrisp™ Apple Tree

332 reviews
Starting at $91.95Up to 50% OFF
best sellerCold Hardy Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

784 reviews
Starting at $74.95Up to 42% OFF
best sellerGuava Tree 'Ruby Supreme'
Growing Zones 9-11

Guava Tree 'Ruby Supreme'

189 reviews
Starting at $119.95
best sellerMeyer Lemon Bush
Growing Zones 8-11

Meyer Lemon Bush

355 reviews
Starting at $54.95
best sellerFull Speed A Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae
Growing Zones 3-8

Full Speed A Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae

113 reviews
Starting at $44.95Up to 25% OFF
best sellerColorado Blue Spruce Tree
Growing Zones 2-7

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

175 reviews
Starting at $74.95Up to 6% OFF
best sellerReliance Peach Tree
Growing Zones 4-8

Reliance Peach Tree

82 reviews
Starting at $139.95
best sellerTriple Crown Blackberry
Growing Zones 5-9

Triple Crown Blackberry

150 reviews
Starting at $59.95
best sellerIce Cream Banana Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Ice Cream Banana Tree

547 reviews
Starting at $69.95Up to 30% OFF
best seller5-in-1 Apple Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

5-in-1 Apple Tree

142 reviews
Starting at $259.95
best sellerBushel and Berry® Raspberry Shortcake® Bush
Growing Zones 5-9

Bushel and Berry® Raspberry Shortcake® Bush

55 reviews
Starting at $29.95
best sellerHass Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 9-11

Hass Avocado Tree

668 reviews
Starting at $99.95Up to 9% OFF
best sellerSweetheart Blueberry Bush
Growing Zones 4-8

Sweetheart Blueberry Bush

152 reviews
Starting at $44.95
best sellerBushel and Berry® Peach Sorbet™ Blueberry Bush
Growing Zones 5-10

Bushel and Berry® Peach Sorbet™ Blueberry Bush

57 reviews
Starting at $69.95Up to 46% OFF

New Mexico Trees

Homeowners in the Land of Enchantment are often on the lookout for fast-growing trees to provide color and shade to their gardens. Shrubs, fruit trees and evergreens are also popular. Here at the Faster Growing Trees Nursery, we have a wide selection of trees that we can help you match them to your environment and hardiness zone.

New Mexico enjoys a climate that ranges from arid to semi-arid. Temperatures vary widely across the state. Average January temperatures in the north vary from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to around 55 degrees in the southern regions. July temperatures average 78 degrees Fahrenheit at higher elevations to around 92 degrees at lower elevations. This means that New Mexico has three plant hardiness zones; 6, 7 and 8. Climate will be a major consideration when you are selecting fast-growing trees for your New Mexico residential landscape. Whether you call the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains or the Basin and Range Region your home, we have the trees for you,

The Best Trees for Planting in New Mexico

Our Tulip and Hybrid Poplars are two of the fastest-growing trees you can find. Both these trees can tolerate New Mexico’s varied climate. They will soon become well established and appear as though they have been part of your residential landscape for years.

Other trees that will thrive in NM include the enduring Tonto Crape Myrtle, Muskogee Crape, Pink Dogwood and Cleveland Pear. Each of these trees will add a vibrant splash of color to your landscape while providing shade. Some of the best trees for your landscape can be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery.

Perhaps you want to increase the privacy of your property; if so, consider planting a row of Thuja Emerald Green, Cryptomeria Radicans or Drought-Free Evergreens. These fast-growing, feathery evergreens will enhance the beauty of your property’s boundary with their year-round dark green color while adding a sense of security.

A Large Variety of Trees for New Mexico

The New Mexico State tree is the Pinyon Pine. Also known as the Mexican Nut Pine, this tree is a small, bushy evergreen that thrives in the semi-arid regions of the western states. It is one of the first native trees in the United States and produces 1 ½ inch long needles and small, brown, edible seeds.

Penistaja is designated as New Mexico’s state soil. Its name comes from the Native American meaning ‘forced to sit.’ This fine, sandy loam covers more than 1 million acres throughout the state. This is very fertile soil. It is used mainly for livestock grazing. If the soil in your garden is particularly sandy, you can improve it by adding organic matter. This will improve drainage and help you get the most from your fast-growing trees and shrubs.

New Mexico is home to some of the most stunning scenery and rugged landscapes in the United States. You can enhance your beautiful mountain landscape with a mixture of resilient shade and flowering trees that grow well in your specific region. Whichever part of New Mexico you call home, from Farmington to Las Cruces or Gallup to Roswell, our expert horticulturists at Fast Growing Trees Nursery can help you select trees that will suit your needs and are easy to maintain.