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best sellerColorado Blue Spruce Tree
Growing Zones 2-7

Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

151 reviews
Starting at $74.95
best sellerKoroneiki Greek Olive Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Koroneiki Greek Olive Tree

101 reviews
Starting at $149.95
Up to 41% off
best sellerFiddle-Leaf Fig Tree
Growing Zones

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

324 reviews
Starting at $49.95
best sellerIce Cream Banana Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Ice Cream Banana Tree

529 reviews
Starting at $69.95
best sellerSugar Maple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Sugar Maple Tree

105 reviews
Starting at $139.95
best sellerFuyu Persimmon Tree
Growing Zones 7-11

Fuyu Persimmon Tree

149 reviews
Starting at $229.95
best sellerHoneycrisp™ Apple Tree
Growing Zones 4-8

Honeycrisp™ Apple Tree

329 reviews
Starting at $149.95
Up to 9% off
best sellerBraided Benjamina Ficus Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Braided Benjamina Ficus Tree

117 reviews
Starting at $99.95
best sellerArbequina Olive Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Arbequina Olive Tree

434 reviews
Starting at $79.95
best sellerDwarf Cavendish Banana Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

407 reviews
Starting at $49.95
Up to 15% off
newOwari Satsuma Mandarin Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Owari Satsuma Mandarin Tree

186 reviews
Starting at $33.95
best sellerCold Hardy Avocado Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree

775 reviews
Starting at $104.95
best sellerMeyer Lemon Tree
Growing Zones 8-11

Meyer Lemon Tree

1475 reviews
Starting at $69.95
Up to 22% off
best sellerSpartan Juniper
Growing Zones 5-9

Spartan Juniper

108 reviews
Starting at $69.95
best sellerAutumn Blaze® Red Maple Tree
Growing Zones 3-8

Autumn Blaze® Red Maple Tree

752 reviews
Starting at $184.95
newSkip Laurel
Growing Zones 5-10

Skip Laurel

84 reviews
Starting at $44.95
best sellerBing Cherry Tree
Growing Zones 5-8

Bing Cherry Tree

273 reviews
Starting at $129.95
Up to 7% off
best sellerSkyrocket Juniper
Growing Zones 4-9

Skyrocket Juniper

70 reviews
Starting at $64.95
best sellerFuji Apple Tree
Growing Zones 4-9

Fuji Apple Tree

128 reviews
Starting at $169.95
best sellerCryptomeria Radicans
Growing Zones 5-9

Cryptomeria Radicans

74 reviews
Starting at $129.95
best sellerDrought-Tolerant Evergreen Tree
Growing Zones 6-9

Drought-Tolerant Evergreen Tree

115 reviews
Starting at $39.95
best sellerBloodgood Japanese Maple
Growing Zones 5-8

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

390 reviews
Starting at $89.95
Double Knock Out® Rose
Growing Zones 5-10

Double Knock Out® Rose

298 reviews
Starting at $21.95
Sensational™ Lavender Plant
Growing Zones 5-9

Sensational™ Lavender Plant

49 reviews
Starting at $25.95

Trees and Plants for Your Florida Garden.

Florida Trees and Plants for Your Climate

The Best Trees for Planting in Florida

Shade trees are a must for the Florida summer, whether you live in the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the East Gulf Coastal Plain or the Florida Uplands. We recommend the simple beauty of the Windmill Palm which adapts to any soil type, or the American Beech, which provides dense shade.

If you’re looking for Citrus Trees, you will love our Nules Clementine. Despite its small size, this tree soon becomes loaded with fruit each summer. And our fast-growing Red Haven Peach has a delicious flavor and provides an abundance of fruit very quickly.

If you’d like extra privacy without the starkness of a wall or fence, check out our living greenery. We offer a range of rapidly-growing evergreens that will lock their feathery leaves to form a beautiful screen in no time at all. The Thuja Green Giant is the most popular evergreen in the United States and grows at an incredible rate of up to 5 feet per year. Another hardy screen tree is Nellie Stevens Holly.

A Large Variety of Trees for Florida

Wherever your location – Miami, Destin, Pensacola, Tampa or Key West - at Fast Growing Tree Nursery, our Florida tree options provide something for every taste and climate zone throughout the state. Trees that adapt to the soil type in your specific region of the Sunshine State are always the best choice for and easy to care for the landscape.

Florida’s state tree is the Cabbage Palmetto. This tree has fan-shaped leaves that grow between four and six feet long. This tall tree can reach up to 80 feet in height.

Myakka has been Florida’s state soil since 1998. This wet, sandy soil is not found in any other state and covers 1 ½ million miles of Florida land. This fine gray soil can be amended by adding organic matter. Fertilizing your trees throughout the growing season can also help maintain their growth and health.