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Cut Roses

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The Most Fragrant Cut Flowers

From our Tropicana to our Peace Rose, our aromatic selection delivers unmatched fragrance you'll love for spreading the beauty indoors. If you're looking for the most fragrant roses, look no further - you'll have color and amazing aroma in no time!

Ways to Cut Roses

Unlike many other low-maintenance varieties on the market, these roses are perfect for cutting and bringing indoors. Simply head out into your garden, use a clean pair of shears, and cut to your liking. Classic, tannin-like fragrance or fruity notes from your landscape will emanate indoors effortlessly. Place them in a vase with cool, clean water, and you're ready to grow.

How to Keep Fresh Roses Alive?

To make your cut roses last even longer, clip the very ends of your cut roses every few days and change out the water. You can also add a bit of water-soluble rose food to your vase to keep them looking and smelling fresh.