When homeowners decide to put their homes on the market, they automatically think that they will raise the property by renovating the inside of their home. Don’t get me wrong, this will raise the value of your home, but it’s not the only way. Homebuyers are more excited about touring a home that looks inviting on the outside. Investing in your landscape is the easiest and quickest way to increase the value of your home! Here are 5 ways to add value to your home with plants!

#1 Add Trees

A wonderfully landscaped home can help the price of your home sell for a higher price than a home that looks bland. Contrary to popular belief, but you’ll get more for your house if you improve your yard. Believe it or not, but homes that sleep on tree-lined streets tend to be valued higher than those who do not. If you do not live on a street that is lined with trees, you can still jack up the price of your home by simply adding trees. The best trees to plant in your yard would be Crape Myrtles, Magnolias, Blue Spruce, Yoshino’s, Thujas, Japanese Maples and Dwarf Conifers.

#2 Add Colour

Adding colour to your yard will make homebuyers feel invited to come in and tour your home. You can easily add a friendly feel by adding perennials, annuals,  and seasonal flowering shrubs. Make sure to always mulch to add a touch a maintenance, decorative entryway pots, and green grass. I mean, come on. Nothing beats green grass!



#3 Edging

Many home buyers get intimidated when they see a yard filled with vibrant colours because of the amount of maintenance it looks like it will take to keep it looking great. If you don’t want to scare off those homebuyers with a black thumb, try edging your driveway and sidewalk. It will make your yard look clean and tamed and will give the look of lower maintenance.


#4 Match the landscape with the style of your home

 A lot of gardeners look over this step, but it’s the most important part if you want your home to be in unison. If you’re too scared to start with flowering shrubs, try evergreen plants and brightening up your door with new paint and house numbers. The evergreen plants will make your yard look clean and healthy year round, while the bright door catches home buyers eyes from the street.



The graph above is a prime example of how much you can make off of dedicating some TLC time to your yard. Just by turning your average yard into a good yard, you can make about 4% to 5% more for your house. All because you improved your yard! Usually, people invest about 10% of the value of their home into their landscape. Therefore, the more cash you spend the more your ROI will go increase.


#5 Prune!

I know, this seems a little basic but pruning your yard will make a very big difference. It will make homebuyers think that if you can take the time to carefully maintain the outside of your yard, then they can only imagine how nice the inside of your home will look. Some quick ways to make your yard look well kept is to pull up weeds, mulch for a tidy appearance, and keeping your yard watered and mowed at all times. 



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