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    Royal Empress Tree for Sale

    Royal Empress Tree for Sale

    Royal Empress Tree for Sale

    Royal Empress Tree for Sale

    Royal Empress Tree for Sale

    Paulownia in the Fall

*images shown are of mature plants

Royal Empress Tree

Paulownia elongata

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Growing Zones: 7-11
(hardy down to 10℉)

Growing Zones 7-11
You are in Growing Zone: 7

Mature Height:

40-50 ft.

Mature Width:

30-40 ft.



Growth Rate:


Botanical Name:

Paulownia elongata

Does Not Ship To:


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World's Fastest Growing Tree

I wouldn't have believed it, had I not seen my father-in-law plant the Empress Tree months earlier.

My in-laws are farmers and definitely know what they're doing, but I still had to grow one in my yard.

We had a spot where I wanted to block the afternoon sun and provide a little privacy between us and our neighbor.

I planted our Royal Empress Tree late in the season, so I knew it wouldn't grow much before going dormant. Still, it reached about 6 feet.

My Father-in-law wasn't impressed. He said 'cut it down and you'll really see a show'. 'But I'll lose all this growth', I replied. 'No you won't' he said, 'you'll get it back in a few weeks, just watch'. He took a saw and cut it flat to the ground.

He was right. This tree is indestructible! It shot out of the ground in spring and grew 15 feet that year, then reached 25 feet the next year. It was like watching Jack and the Beanstalk.

You could measure its growth daily. My 6 year-old was out there almost every day staring at it. Two of my neighbors thought it was so beautiful, they each planted an Empress Tree of their own. I've even had professional landscapers stop and ask me where they can find them.

It's an entertaining tree year-round. In the winter, its branches are covered with furry, pea sized buds, just waiting to burst into huge flowers. At the first sign of spring, the tree explodes with purple blooms. Cars slow down to look at it. The fragrance is incredible... it's like a cross between gardenia and jasmine.

When summer comes, the tree forms a dense canopy that can drastically cut your power bills. The leaves are huge, measuring about a foot wide. They're almost tropical looking. When they drop in the fall, it's an easy clean up... not like my Oaks that scatter tens of thousands of tiny leaves.

Plus, bigger leaves mean fewer branches, so you get more sunlight and natural heat coming through in the winter when you need it most.

Best of all, this is a flowering tree you don't have to baby. It grows almost everywhere, from Mexico to Canada, preferring zones 7-11. It has no significant insect or disease problems, tolerates drought, and grows in almost any kind of soil, even toxic ones. It's a hardwood tree that lives to an old age.

You can also feel good that you're planting one of the most environmentally beneficial trees in the world. Your Empress Tree will have large leaves that act as giant air filters, pulling pollution out of the air at a remarkable rate, turning it into wood, then releasing high amounts of beneficial oxygen.

This year's Empress Trees are in short supply. Recent publicity and recommendations from TV shows like Oprah have fueled demand.

Just beware that not all Empress Trees are the same. Some nurseries use wild seed that doesn't grow as quickly and can be invasive. Others use growth inhibitors to keep their trees smaller for shipping. This can stay in the tree for several months, giving you disappointing results.

Fast Growing Trees Nursery uses proven stock that's non-invasive, faster growing, and hardier... your tree arrives ready for explosive growth.

The Royal Empress goes through dormancy during winter and loses its leaves as a result. Don't worry, though - this is normal and helps the tree survive the season!

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Jury still out
Ordering and shipment was great. Tree was very small with 2 leaves on it. Since it is fall/winter, it has not grown at all after a month even being in Florida. Undecided yet on how happy i am with it.
November 29, 2018
2 months ago
Growing Zone:
Grows well in Central Florida
The tiny stick was chest high by the end of the first summer.It has doubled in height every year every year so far. A cutting in the south yard has grown 10 feet this summer.
November 24, 2018
over 2 years ago
I planted immediately and it had several beautiful leaves at the bottom. All of the leaves have fallen off and I am concerned. But we have had a TON of rain here so I am going to be patient. I will try putting mulch around the base and see if that helps.
November 11, 2018
4 months ago
Growing Zone:
Amazing How Fast It Grew
I lost a 35 year old tree in my front yard. I had cancer and was planning for death. I wanted a tree that may see some size before I was gone.
I ended up surviving and the tree grew so fast I was totally amazed. Today that tree has well surpassed my expectations and has beautiful flowers all spring well into summer. I so happy with it that I'm now looking for some property in the country to build my retirement home and I plan to plant about 10 of these trees around the property.
Do not plant it near foundations or water lines as the roots will head right for them seeking moisture.
November 5, 2018
Beautiful, colorful tree.
Awesome tree. Grows very fast and is wide and full. Needs a big space. Lovely when flowering! Amazing how fast it grows. Large blossoms makes many people stop and ask what kind of tree it is. I planted it as just a stick and everybody laughed at me. They were shocked at how fast it took and grew like a weed!
November 4, 2018
over 5 years ago
Growing Zone:
Might be good. Wait and see!
I ordered two. One is green and seems to be doing well. The other just looks like a dormant stick and I am waiting to see what happens.
October 28, 2018
3 months ago
Tired and stressed
Took five days for the trees to arrive and they were plenty travel weary. No attached leaves and needed a drink badly. Nursed them for a few days with some light and fresh air. Planted them and now one has leaves sprouting from bottom and the other is sprouting from top and bottom. Not sure if the bottom is empress trees or a root graft if that is the way they do them. I think these trees will survive and I look forward to next spring. I would not purchase them again in this manner as I feel the trees arrived extremely stressed and it was difficult to see the value. I would try to make an effort to buy from a local nursery. This review probably will not be posted, but hey, you asked.Regards,Robert
October 22, 2018
4 months ago
Amazing Tree
My tree is about 2 years old and about 20 feet tall!!! After it had established itself boy did it take off! Everyone was flabbergasted at how fast it grew. This spring I placed a hanging pot over one of the limbs. It had a large metal hook like the top of a clothes hanger. Well that limb was hanging a little too low and so we wanted to cut it off. We went to cut it off and the tree had grown around the hook!!! From April to October that is how fast the tree grew! We cannot get the hook out, its gone, inside the limb!!! this tree.
October 22, 2018
Royal Empress Tree
The tree arrived with the others purchased and it had a few leaves on the tip. My grandsons quickly broke those off, but they grew right back. So far so good.
Las Vegas
October 15, 2018
4 months ago
Growth rate halted
So far, they are in hibernation. Still green, but no growth. Plenty of water & sun this summer. May need to root out & establish before growth starts.
October 9, 2018
8 months ago

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Royal Empress Tree

Royal Empress Tree Planting Diretions

The Royal Empress Tree (Paulownia elongata) is a FAST growing, decorative, shade producing tree. In addition to being beautiful, the Empress Tree is one of the most environmentally beneficial trees on Earth. It’s incredibly efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) and releasing large amounts of oxygen into the air thanks to its large, fan-like leaves. After being established for a couple years, it will start to produce lovely purple-white flowers in the spring similar to orchids but much larger.

They do best when planted in USDA growing zones 7-11 and once situated in their new home, grow like bamboo in comparison to how tall they get at such a rapid pace. Empresses can mature to a height of 40-50 feet and a mature width of about 30-40 feet wide. Our Empress has been treated to ensure that it will be non-invasive and not tear up your landscaping but we do not recommend planting them next to foundations, sidewalks, septic/water/power or driveways. For a fast growing shade, oxygen producer or decorative blooming tree, the Royal Empress cannot be matched!

Selecting a location: Empress trees are nearly indestructible once they have become established but do require some care in their early stages of growth. Full sun is best for its exposure and well draining soil is existential to the health of the tree.

Planting Directions: Plant your tree after the last frost or when surrounding plants begin to bud out. For best results, mix in potting soil or soil conditioner, especially if planting in clay or poor soil.

1) Make your hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball.
2) Carefully remove the Empress tree from its container tapping on the sides to help free up any clinging roots or soil.
3) Place the tree in the hole and spread the roots out evenly. You’ll want to plant your tree so that the “root collar” is level with the ground (see Fig. 2) The “root collar” is the height where the roots effectively become the stem of the tree. It is commonly seen as a line that is lighter bark on top, darker roots on bottom. This is the line where the soil initially came to when your seedling was grown.
4) Keep the tree straight as you begin to backfill the hole, tamping down lightly as you fill to prevent any air pockets from forming in the soil.
5) Water the area to moisten/settle the soil and then broadcast a good layer of mulch to preserve soil moisture and keep weeds and grasses back.

Watering: DO NOT OVER WATER your Empress Tree. When the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil is dry, add water. Do not allow soil to stay soggy as Empress trees will not tolerate over watering in the slightest. As a rule, let the soil surrounding the tree dry out before watering. If your tree is wet upon arrival, skip the initial watering for two days. Drooping branches and shriveled, brown leaves are signs of both under and over watering. If under-watered, the leaves will become dry and brittle. If over-watered, the leaves will become yellow to black and begin to shrink. They will be soft, not brittle. If this happens, stop watering your tree until it revives. If too much damage has been done, it will grow a new trunk from the base and grow a new tree.

Fertilizer: Empress Trees love organic fertilizer high in nitrogen, in fact they LOVE it. You can use Miracle Gro or a balanced tree fertilizer. Just be sure the 1st of the three numbers on your organic fertilizer is higher than the others indicating an extra boost of nitrogen (Example: 20-10-10). You can fertilize twice a month in the growing season. Stop fertilizing before the tree goes back into dormancy. Additional fertilizing should only be done after the first year. Take care not to go overboard with fertilizing in the beginning of spring or you may inhibit the blooms from forming.

Spring Pruning: Let your tree grow for one entire year. If your empress tree did not grow at least 4 feet before winter dormancy, we recommend that you cut it to the ground at the very start of spring (a process called "coppicing"). This may seem odd, but it will grow a bunch of small sprouts. Select the “alpha” of the bunch and pinch the others off. This will focus all of the nutrients into that one growth and become a very straight, beautiful tree. Your tree(s) will more than make up for the lost growth in the first few weeks. We have seen some Empress Trees grow as many as 20 feet in the first year after being cut back to the ground. Don’t worry about being exact. This process (coppicing) can be done any time of year, though we recommend spring.

Branch Pruning: Large leaves grow in pairs up the tree (one on each side). Every few inches up the tree, you will see a new set. These should be left on the tree to maximize photosynthesis. These leaves will fall off later. Above each leaf on the tree’s stem, you will see a little bud growing. This is referred to as a “sucker.” It is a permanent branch trying to grow. Pinch these off until you get to the height where you want your first branches to grow. The higher you let your branches start, the higher your clearance will be under the branches (see Fig. 3)

Winter Dormancy: During late fall and winter, your tree will go dormant. The leaves will fall off and the stem will turn brown. Nothing will be happening above ground, but the roots will continue to grow below, especially during nice days. This winter root growth will help accelerate growth when spring comes.

Deer: The Royal Empress Tree is not a desired food for deer. However, if nothing more appetizing is available, they have been known to eat the growth bud at the top of the stem. If you think this may be a problem, you may want to consider caging your trees as this is the guaranteed answer to deer problems.

      figure 1                                         figure 2                                  figure 3

Fun Facts:
*Empress wood is the second most valuable wood grown in the US, behind only Cherry.
*Throughout the Orient, the Empress tree is planted at the birth of a daughter. When she marries, the tree is cut down and used to build a wedding chest and gifts.
*Ancient lore has it that the legendary Phoenix flew across the Orient and would only land on Empress Trees – bringing good fortune to the nearby household.
*Empress lumber is farmed on plantations rather than taken from old growth forests. It thrives on marginal or even toxic soil.
*Empress roots go down as far as 40 feet which helps to regulate the water table as well as remove soil salinity and ground pollutants. Empress trees are also used to clean toxic soil and absorb animal waste.
*Giant leaves drop each winter, releasing nitrogen and increasing soil fertility.
In the orient, Empress trees are planted between row crops and have improved yields by as much as 30%.
*Your cloned tree is non-invasive; its seeds are virtually sterile.
*Empress trees save forests by producing sawn timber in 7-12 years and growing 2-4 times more lumber than most other commercial trees in the same time period. This is vital as the supply of exotic and hardwood trees rapidly diminishes.
*After being harvested, a new Empress tree grows back from the stump and uses the same well-established root system. This saves post-harvest clearing costs, land erosion and runoff. The same stump can re-grow 7-10 full sized trees.
*The technology that created your Super Tree is the result of a major international research project that planted millions of Empress trees throughout China, India, and the Philippians.

Planting & Care

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I am 81 years old and need a fast growing tree. Ha, Ha.
joe s on Nov 23, 2018
Love think Tree
Pedro A on Nov 15, 2018
I am 81 years old and need a fast growing tree. Ha, Ha.
joe s on Nov 23, 2018
Fast growing with beautiful flowers
Julie C on Nov 15, 2018
Love think Tree
Pedro A on Nov 15, 2018
Quick growth to maturity and size of leaves
sotiri d on Nov 10, 2018
I need a fast growing tree to provide shade
John H on Nov 7, 2018
My husband and I have seen the royal empress trees growing along the highway and decided that we absolutely must have one growing in our property! We are full of hope that it will be everything we've heard about it.
Elizabeth A on Nov 4, 2018
It is the fastest growing tree. The leaves are huge and the tree flowers. All those are very desirable to me.
Carlos T on Oct 31, 2018
Looking for a flowering tree. Wanting something different
Brock Y on Oct 30, 2018
It’s a beautiful tree!
Amanda J on Oct 29, 2018
I saw an empress tree purchased from you that was 50'+ and beautiful and the owner said was 4 years old!
Keith B on Oct 8, 2018
Fast growing and shade
Robert D on Oct 7, 2018
Beauty and fragrance
Steven G on Oct 4, 2018
beauty and fast growing
charles r on Sep 29, 2018
Unity tree planting ceremony for a wedding
Brittany C on Sep 27, 2018
Fast growing and flowering
Aaron S on Sep 24, 2018
We read that this tree grows well in South Carolina and looks to be a fast growing and sturdy tree which looks beautiful when in bloom.
Michael E on Sep 23, 2018
This tree will be a focal point, sitting above our sunken, fragrance garden. We have a large property and I talked our landscape architect into this tree. After some research, he agreed. It will provide shade in the summer, also providing fragrance and shade in the summer. It is also very fast growing, a real plus. We are looking forward to enjoying this for summer shade and being a special unique tree that is seldom seen in our Coachella Valley.. We live in Palm Springs, CA.
Michael H on Sep 18, 2018
Quick Shade Tree in a new home.
Adam N on Sep 17, 2018
I chose this tree because I have a very large backyard and 5 young grandchildren. I wanted to plant a shade tree that would grow fast, and according to the reviews this is my tree!
Debbie O on Sep 17, 2018
I had better wait to see what I get.
Lyle D on Sep 15, 2018
smell large leaves different
Curtis M on Sep 8, 2018
I wanted a show tree in front yard. Hope this is what they claim.
Lavenia H on Sep 8, 2018
Fast growing
DANNY M on Sep 8, 2018
Researched this tree at different sites and found Fast Growing Trees giving the most information and they have good reviews for customer service. Excited to get the Royal Empress trees.
Cynthia R on Sep 6, 2018
it looks like an elegant tree
robert l on Sep 3, 2018
Richard K on Sep 1, 2018
Fast growing, zone 7, beautiful
Milan D on Aug 30, 2018
Need fast growing flowering shade tree
rubirose m on Aug 29, 2018
Fast growing
Fred R on Aug 26, 2018
Looking for tropical appearance for golf course greens surround.
Michael U on Aug 22, 2018
good looking and you say it grows fast
Michael A on Aug 16, 2018
been wanting one for years. finally let myself buy 2.
Crystal B on Aug 13, 2018
I needed a FAST growing tree for shade and looks.
Marc F on Aug 13, 2018
I like the way how big the leaves are, and also the pink flowers.
Miriam B on Aug 5, 2018
I did not see the free shipping box to enter [email protected] So I have been charged 33.57 for shipping fees
bertrand H on Aug 4, 2018
Need fast growing trees to replace trees lost in storm on sunny side of the house.
Gary F on Aug 3, 2018
A pretty shade tree!
Patrice A on Jul 28, 2018
I am looking for fast growing shade trees that will do well in south Texas.
Robert O on Jul 26, 2018
Fast growing beautiful tree. Will add value to my property
William U on Jul 23, 2018
Fast growing, graceful tree.
Valerie T on Jul 22, 2018
Roger A on Jul 19, 2018
Fast growing and attractive tree. Looking for shade at front of home after removing 2 large Oak trees.
Ronald S on Jul 17, 2018
Fragrant smell, Shading, and fast growth
Saleto E on Jul 17, 2018
I bought this tree because I need shade for my house as quickly as possible and this is supposed to be the fast growing tree on the planet. Time will tell, but I am optimistic
Brian K on Jul 16, 2018
Said fast growing and impressive.
M J on Jul 16, 2018
Growing zones - we live in 9-11. Beautiful tree.
Bob M on Jul 14, 2018
Fast growth, resilience and beauty. Also the fragrance. Can't wait to see it grow!.
Thank you for all the information.
Luz C on Jul 8, 2018
My sisters neighbor planted one of these trees and within a few years it was huge. I just bought a house a year ago and need to plant a good shade tree.
Roger H on Jul 8, 2018
I am looking for a fast growing shade tree for my yard
Holly S on Jul 4, 2018
Wanted a fast growing tree. Plan to purchase more if this tree lives up to expectation.
Ruth A on Jul 1, 2018
Fast growing with beautiful flowers
Julie C on Nov 15, 2018
Quick growth to maturity and size of leaves
sotiri d on Nov 10, 2018
Can I cut off lower limbs so I can walk/sit/mow under it?
James on Nov 19, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, as I have trimmed mine up to about 6 feet to allow my zero turn mower to pass under them. These trees just keep on growing!
Can a person cut it back and keep it at a certain height every year with out killing it?
A shopper on Jun 8, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can keep Royal Empress trees at a certain height without killing them. You can prune your tree in the early spring to your desired height. It will grow back a few inches over the summer. This process will create a shorter tree that branches out more.
How does these Empress tree do in windy area?
Debbie D on May 31, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I live on the Texas gulf coast we have not had a major full blown huricane since we planted our tree we have had winds up to 75-80 miles per hour and the tree hasn't lost any limbs and only limited leaves.
What is the typical lifespan for these trees?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Royal Empress is said to live approx. 70-100 years.
i would like to plant an Empress tree as a street tree in front of my house ,I live in orange county Ca .My concern is, would its roots affect the water line or sewer line ?
Anica B. on Aug 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: My best advise is to contact your water and sewer department to see if they have restrictions of certain trees or how close to the street you are allowed to plant. Better to check with them before planting. Thank you and Happy Gardening
My Royal Empress is 3 years old and the leaves are turning yellow and falling off, what is causing this?
Tammy N on Jun 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The most frequent cause of a Royal Empress Tree doing poorly is too much water. It needs a well-drained location
When should I plant this tree if I live in zone 7??
Hilary R on Aug 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You can plant this in fall or early spring, giving it plenty of time to establish good root growth.If planted in the Summer make sure it is hydrated during the hot temperatures.
will my empress tree come back if I cut it down to the ground this fall? It lost all of it's leaves all the sudden in august but the core still looks like it has some green left in it. Can I cut it down this September to the ground and will it regrow?
Katherine W on Sep 25, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We suggest you do that in the early spring and it should then really take off with new growth.
I've seen pictures of this plant with brilliantly colored blooms. The photos on your website of the one you appear to be selling has light pink blooms. Could you tell me please how to know what color I'd be getting if I ordered from you?
jennifer a on Oct 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The blooms on our Royal Empress are more of a light purple color.
A shopper on Jul 26, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Royal Empress Tree grows best in a sandy loam. It requires good drainage. which hard clay typically does not provide. That being said, this is a tough tree and can grow most anywhere,as long as its soil does not stay wet (moist is OK) for any period of time. If you have clay, you can amend the soil with organic matter like composted leaves, plant it in a raised bed, or on a slope where water will not pool and drown the roots.
It loses its leaves in winter?
A shopper on Jul 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The Royal Empress will lose its leaves in the winter.
How soon after receiving this tree does it have to be planted in the ground?
Sandra C on Apr 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This tree can stay in the container for a few months after receiving it. Make sure you water it once you receive it .
I am interested in purchasing the Royal Empress tree. Is this a non-invasive tree?
Jill G on Apr 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No this is not an invasive tree. Fast Growing Trees Nursery uses proven stock that's non-invasive, faster growing, and hardier... your tree arrives ready for explosive growth.
Last year my empress had huge leaves, this year they are half the size, and it has not grown taller (it was and is about 5 ft tall) nor has it had flowers what can I do to help it grow?
Marilyn J on Jul 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: If your empress tree did not grow at least 4 feet before winter dormancy, we recommend that you cut it to the ground at the very start of spring (a process called coppicing). This may seem odd, but it will grow a very straight, beautiful tree. Your tree(s) will more than make up for the lost growth in the first few weeks. We have seen some Empress Trees grow as many as 20 feet in the first year after being cut back to the ground.

Don’t worry about being exact. This process (coppicing) can be done any time of year, though we recommend spring. The new stump will have several trunks coming up from it. Select the largest trunk and pinch the others off. This one will grow at a very rapid rate and will grow into a very straight tree.
How many years until this tree blooms?
vicki p on Apr 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Our trees are propagated from a 10-year-old tree, which reduces the growing time before bloom; we even have some of the trees blooming in the nursery as they wait to be shipped! That being said, Mother Nature is full of variations, so the beginning of bloom will differ from plant to plant. It generally takes 3 to 5 years for a new Paulownia to bloom; as I mentioned, our plants already have a head start and you might have bloom the first year, but you might have to wait a couple of years if your root system is slow to become established at your location.
Karen N on May 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This tree will grow 30-40 feet wide, and the root system will extend beyond the branches' drip line. To keep the branches from brushing against the house, and to keep the roots from being a problem with the foundation, I would not plant any closer than 30 feet from the house, and 35 feet would be even safer.
Can I remove the leaves that are just above the ground on what will be the main trunk. I was wanting to remove about 6 inches down to the ground. The tree is about 5ft 6 in altogether.?
MaryLou S on Jul 9, 2017
I bought 7 from you last summer.. what fertilizer do I need to use and when ??
VERNON on Feb 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Empress Trees love fertilizer. Organic fertilizer high in nitrogen works well. You can use Miracle Gro or a balanced tree fertilizer. You can fertilize twice a month in the growing season. Stop fertilizing before the tree goes back into dormancy. Additional fertilizing should only be done after the first year.
will the catapillers eating the leaves from my tree hurt it? is there something I can spray to keep them off it?
kay e on Aug 11, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The caterpillars will not hurt the tree. If you do want to spray you can use an oil spray or insecticidal soap.
Is there a certain time of year to plant for better results? It's July and in the nintys and dry here in Texas. Should I wait for fall or early spring?
Geary A on Jul 13, 2015
BEST ANSWER: As long as you are able to care for the tree as needed (extra water during the heat) it would be just fine to plant in the heat.
I planted my royal empress last spring and it gre from 6" to 4 ft. No branches or flowers this spring. Then I noticed my cat had used it as a scratching post. It's trunk was ripped but tree was still alive. What can I do to save it. ?It looks like a 4 ft broomstick.?
Darleen K on Jun 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for contacting us. The Royal Empress is a sturdy, fast growing tree that does incredibly well with a type of severe pruning called coppicing. Coppicing or pruning the tree to ground level helps the tree focus on strengthening and establishing the roots which in turn will create new, healthier growth above ground. The next best time to do this would be in the spring before the tree comes out of dormancy. We hope this information is helpful. Please contact us should you have additional questions.
I live in ky has anyone had luck growing this tree here?
Penny M on May 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The growing zones are 7-11. Click the link to look up what growing zone you are in.
Should I stake the young 3-4' tree when I plant it?
Lucy C on Oct 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. They grow really fast and the leaves are huge
my empress is 4 months old..should i prune off the lower leaves on it? they are pretty close to the ground.
paula h on Aug 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, Paula it is okay to cut the bottom leaves. We cut our bottom leaves as the tree grows taller. Our tree is fifteen feet tall and we can mow under it without any problems. You may want to spray the wound with an insect killer.
Got My tree on April 6 as of today it hasnt gown at all. We have had alot of rain. What can I do??
janice g on Jun 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Excessive water will kill these plants, so be sure you have it in a well-drained location that doesn't get soggy. If your site isn't too wet, then just be patient; your Royal Empress Tree needs to get its roots established before putting on a lot of top growth. And it might also be suffering a little from transplant shock, which it should get over in a couple of weeks.
Are the leaves and flowers toxic to livestock, horses and dogs?
A shopper on Oct 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Every part of the tree is edible. The leaves have good nutrition for livestock from what I have read. The flowers are sometimes used in salads. I have actually eaten a small section of the leaf back when I did my research.

In my experience so far, these are wonderful trees. Make sure to plant in a very sunny area and good drainage is a must.
Does this tree have a good root system, such as on top of ground ??
Sissy on Apr 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The Royal Empress has a very deep straight tap roots.
can you use the flowers that fall in compost?
moose on Mar 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can. They make fodder out of the Royal Empress.
Hi we just bought our first home and are desperate for some shade from the hot oklahoma afternoons. Will this tree do well in the wind? Also how long should I wait to plant if my husband just sprayed for weeds?
Megvon on Mar 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: you will not regret getting this tree. mine is three years old and is taller than my two story house. it's like having a giant lilac bush.
Do these trees attract bees?
eddie n on Dec 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, bees will be attracted to the flowers.

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You can still order, but due to cold weather, we have delayed shipping to the areas shaded on the map below. We want your new plant to thrive right out of the box, so we will wait on shipping your order until the weather is ideal. This includes anyone in Growing Zones 3, 4, or 5. If you are unsure of your growing zone, visit our Growing Zone Finder.

We will resume normal shipping in the Spring. Please see the table below for your approximate ship date.

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Shipping Resumes

Zones 3 & 4

Week of Apr 29th

Zones 5

Week of Apr 14th

Zone 6

Week of Apr 7th

Zones 7-11

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