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6-7 ft. trees
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  • Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree for Sale

    Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree for Sale

*images shown are of mature plants

Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree

Citrus limon and Citrus aurantifolia

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Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
(hardy down to 20℉)

Growing Zones 8-11 outdoors
4-11 patio
8-11 outdoors

You are in Growing Zone: 6

Mature Height:

6-10 ft.

Mature Width:

6-8 ft.


Full Sun


20-25 ft.

Growth Rate:


Drought Tolerance:


Harvest Time:

October - November

Fruit Color:

Green to Yellow

Year to Bear:

Fruits 1st Year!

Botanical Name:

Citrus limon and Citrus aurantifolia

Does Not Ship To:


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Lemons and Limes All Year Long!

This tree is a powerhouse team of citrus fruit. The Lemon Lime tree is the perfect combination of the extremely popular Eureka Lemon and the fragrant, summery Key Lime. The two plants grow harmoniously side-by-side. You'll always have a healthy harvest of both lemons and limes.

It doesn't matter where you live. This tree can grow in even the coldest climates of zone 4. Keeping the Lemon Lime tree potted and bringing it inside during the winter assures that you have the fresh feeling of summer even during harsh winters.

You'll get a never-ending supply of lemons and limes. The Lemon Lime tree doesn't have a growing season, which means you'll get delicious, healthy fruit all throughout the year. Imagine eating a fresh lime or topping a salad with fresh lemon zest when it's snowing outside. The taste of summer can help you beat even the toughest winters.

This tree is the longest lasting, safest air freshener you can buy. The Lemon Lime tree produces irresistibly fragrant flowers throughout the year. Placing this plant indoors during the colder months will penetrate your house with a sweet, naturally fresh aroma.

These citrus fruits aren't just for eating. Sure, everyone knows that lemons and lime add flavor to tons of meals. You can already imagine fresh lemonade in the summer and baking key lime pie for your friends and family. Yet, did you know that lemon and limes can be used to clean your home? Citrus is a powerful cleaning agent, so in the off chance you run out of edible uses for this fruit, you'll have a natural, chemical-free cleaning agent at your disposal.

The Lemon Lime tree is a gorgeous evergreen. All throughout the year, the Lemon Lime tree cycles between blooms and fruit. The gorgeous, thick green leaves stay around all year long while pink and white blossoms turn into healthy, hardy fruit.

Lemon and Limes have nearly endless health benefits you probably didn't even know about! Sure, you know that citrus is packed with the immune enhancing Vitamin C. What you probably didn't know is that lemons and limes have anticancer, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying nutrients. These little fruits aren't just packed with flavor!

You'll get a fruit tree that you can keep inside. This tree loves the sunlight and just like you, it prefers to be indoors when it's cold. Once the temperature drops below 50°F, you can bring the plant inside and set it near a sunny window. It will soak up the sun safely indoors and keep giving you plenty of tart fruit.

The Lemon Lime tree is no-fuss. This plant loves water, sunshine and warmth. Give it those three magical elements and it will provide you with pounds of fruit for years to come. By planting in organic soil, you'll have a healthy organic snack for any time of the year.

Have the freshness of summer delivered to you right now. The Lemon Lime tree truly is a powerhouse. Providing endless fruit, fragrance and health all in the comfort of your own home, this tree isn't something to wait on. Don't miss out on the benefits of this amazing fruit tree!

Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree Pollination

Lemon-Lime Citrus Trees are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop.

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Great product.
Tree was healthy and vibrant. Leaves were full.
July 10, 2017
1 month ago
Growing Zone:
Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree
My daughter, Jeanie, was sent these two trees as a gift. The Lemon tree died almost immediately. The lime tree is thriving.
July 17, 2017
2 months ago
Growing Zone:

Planting & Care

It's Easy to Plant & Care for Your Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree

Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree Planting Diretions

Full sun in the summer, indoors in the winter: It's important to give your Lemon Lime tree as much sun as possible. Keep your potted plant in a sunny place in your yard. Once the temperature drops below 50F, bring it indoors and place it near an East or South facing window for maximum sun exposure. For best results, look at the direction your plant is facing when it is outside. The Lemon Lime tree will naturally direct itself to the place it wants to be. When you bring the plant inside, make sure the plant is facing the same direction.

Planting Instructions: Plant your Lemon Lime tree in a pot that is 12-14" in diameter. You'll want to keep the roots as constricted as possible, but still give the plant room to grow. Use a basic, organic potting mix without any fertilizer added. For the best results, use a potting mix that has a high mineral content. Adding mulch or cedar shavings to the top of the soil helps retain the plant's moisture. You can add a ratio of 1 part mulch to 4 parts soil. You can place your pot on top of a base with stones to prevent spills and allow for proper moisture containment.

Watering: Lemon Lime trees need plenty of water. If you live in a particularly dry area, you'll need to water this tree often in the summer. Start by watering thoroughly twice a week. Once your plant is mature, you can water every other week in the summer. It is best to water the Lemon Lime tree deeply rather than frequently and shallowly. 

Fertilization: When you first get your tree, you'll want to plant with some fertilizers that provide micronutrients. A citrus or avocado fertilizer will give the best results. Your leaves will tell you if you need to add certain fertilizers later. If your leaves are too yellow, the plant needs more nitrogen. If the leaves are yellow with green veins, then the Lemon Lime tree needs iron.

Pruning: There's no need to prune your Lemon Lime tree. If you want to keep its shape, then you can prune as desired. Otherwise, you can prune as you like to keep the balance of lemon and lime even.

Pollination: The Lemon Lime tree will self-pollinate in the summer. If you are bringing the tree inside for the winter, you'll need to help the pollination out. Since the tree produces fruit all year long, this is easy to do. Simply take a bloomed flower and pluck it. Gently rub the center of the flower over the center of the other flowers. This will essentially do what bees will do for you outside in the summer.

Pests: You may see aphids, mites and insects on your plant, but it is not usually a problem. If you see that it becomes a problem, simple spray your plant with an organic miticde. Remember that you and your family will be eating this fruit; so only use natural, organic agents to treat any insect problems. Adding a small, liquid seaweed solution every couple of weeks can also help prevent pest problems.

Harvesting: The best way to determine if a lemon or lime is ready to pick is by simply picking one and cutting it open and seeing how juicy it is. If the fruit just turned its color (yellow for lemons and green for limes) on the plant, then they should be ready to pick. If you pick one and it isn't juicy, leave the others on for a few more days and try again.

Storage: Once picked, lemons and limes can be left on the counter for up to a week. To make your lemons last longer, place them in a large jar, cover with water, seal it and place it in your fridge. For limes, simply store them in a zipped locked bag in your refrigerator. Both methods should keep the fruits for a month, though limes may not last as long. You can also freeze lemon and lime wedges. They will become soggy when you defrost them, but the juice will be perfect. Lemon and lime zests last a very long time in the freezer.

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Why did you choose this? Store
Family uses both fruits as purchases. Desire the plants as producers and indoor beauty.
Lloyd H on Jun 12, 2017
Never seen before! unique!
Stacey R on May 31, 2017
Family uses both fruits as purchases. Desire the plants as producers and indoor beauty.
Lloyd H on Jun 12, 2017
So many reasons...
Luke P on Jun 7, 2017
Never seen before! unique!
Stacey R on May 31, 2017
Hope to always have lemons and lime available at home.
Don N on May 29, 2017
I ordered this plant because my family uses lemons and limes on a weekly basis and growing at home should help to save money.
Dusty P on May 27, 2017
We wanted both a lemon and lime tree and saw this option and found it could be the best of both!
Jodi A on May 21, 2017
lemons and limes from one tree is so exciting! I was researching lemon trees for a while then came across this beauty and was sold.
jennifer T on May 17, 2017
Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree
Terese C on May 13, 2017
I love mixed graft trees. The ability to get multiple fruits from one tree is exceptional.
MICHAEL T on May 10, 2017
My wife loves lemons and limes and if this tree produces both all year long then I am willing to try it.
michael s on May 7, 2017
I like both lemons and limes and it looks so darn sweet
John T on Sep 27, 2016
My daughter loves citrus fruits. She gets homesick for the South and family up there in New York City. I hope to send something to cheer her up: Or she may give as gift to her boyfriend, I think the idea of two fruits on a tree forever is a cute romantic idea. I grin to think about it: well forever if they water and take care of it.
Jeanie C on Sep 13, 2016
I have several citrus and grafted fruit trees that I have ordered from FastGrowingTrees and they have been great. They have grown into beautiful trees in my yard and patio and have borne fruit with more each year. I recommend this company for supplying the usual and unusual trees with a good warranty.
Janyth P on Sep 13, 2016
Because it looks so good
Laura C on Sep 13, 2016
Not a lot of information about this tree. I am curious what it will look like and how well it will produce lemons and limes. Very expensive but hope that it will pay off in the end.
Pia L on Aug 31, 2016
So many reasons...
Luke P on Jun 7, 2017
Hope to always have lemons and lime available at home.
Don N on May 29, 2017
Hi! If I live in zone 8, how many months out of the year can I harvest fruit? Thanks!
Dorothy G on May 24, 2017
Why do you not ship to Texas?
Alice V on Jul 20, 2017
I'm in zone 8. Is it better to plant in ground rather than in pot? Will it yield more this way?
Kristopher L on Jun 12, 2017

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