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Trees & Shrubs for California

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Plants perfect for California

California Trees

Californians are often looking for fast growing shade trees and vibrant fruit trees to enhance the natural beauty of their residential landscapes. Planting trees on California will largely dependent on the soil type and climate zone of the area where you live – the Sierras, the central pains or the Mojave Desert -  and the benefits you would like form your trees and shrubs.

The climate and soil types in the Golden States are wide and varied and this will play a big part in the type of fast growing trees you choose. If you live in the mountainous regions where the temperatures are colder and the growing season relatively short our golden-leaved Quaking Aspen or the towering Norway Pine is perfect for your climate zone.

Dwellers in and around the Central Valley regions enjoy hot summers and milder winters and can beautify the landscape with a wide range of trees and shrubs including the eye-catching Pink Velour or Tuscarora Crapes, a range of elegant maples and Azaleas that will stun your visitors.

For fruit tree lovers living in the Thermal Belts we have several types of apple and cherry tress as well as the luscious Dwarf Red Haven Peach, juicy Nules Clementine and customer favorite Blenheim Apricot.

We understand how important privacy is to you, which is why we provide a range of fast growing evergreen that are perfect for creating ad living privacy screen or property border. Thuja Green Giant is the most popular evergreen in the United States and grows at an incredible rate of up to 5 feet per years. Another hardy screen tree is Nellie Stevens Holly it makes a beautiful living wall that stays deep green all years round.

California has one of the most impressive trees in the world as its state tree; the Redwood. The tree has short, green needles and 1 inch long cones. It can grow to an incredible 300 feet in height.

San Joaquin soil was named at the state soil of California in 1997. Though the Central valley area has more than half a million acres of this soil, there are a range of other soil types found all over California including loam, sandy and clay mixes. You can improve the quality of your soil by adding nutrients and organic matter,. This will ensure you get the most from your fast growing trees.

Wherever your location – San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Long Beach or Fresno  - at Fast Growing Tree Nursery, our California tree options provide something for every taste and climate zone throughout the state.

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