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Trees & Shrubs for Alabama

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Plants perfect for Alabama

Alabama Trees

Residents of the Yellowhammer State often look for fast growing trees to provide shade for and color for their gardens. They also have to be able to withstand the South's humid summer months. Alabama has four climate zones, so you the location of your home is an important consideration when you're choosing which trees to plant.

The Best Trees for Planting in Alabama

Alabama is home to the Long Leaf Pine and this can pose challenge because of the dense shade that they create and the acidic soil caused by fallen pine needles. With this in mind, we recommend that our Alabama gardeners opt for native shrubs and trees that will thrive in the sandy to clay soil and intense summer heat.

Our Tulip Poplar and Hybrid Poplars are two of the fastest growing trees you can find. Both these trees can tolerate acidic soil and their hardiness ensures they can withstand the Alabama summers. They will soon become well established and appear as though they have been part of your residential landscape for years.

Other native tree varieties include the enduring Tonto Crape Myrtle, Muskogee Crape, Pink Dogwood and Cleveland Pear. Each of these trees will add a vibrant splash of color to your landscape while providing shade. Some of the best trees for Bama landscapes will be found at Fast Growing Trees Nursery. 

Our range of Alabama-friendly shrubs will also add a blaze of color to your garden, check out our range of azaleas. These repeat-blooming shrubs will create a colorful border or centerpiece in your garden. These plants offer the maximum beauty with the minimum upkeep.

If you're looking for privacy, consider planting a row of Thuja Emerald Green, Cryptomeria Radicans or Drought Free Evergreens. These fast growing evergreens will enhance the beauty of your property's boundary while adding a sense of security.

For gardeners who are looking for fruit trees that will prosper in Alabama, we have a selection that includes the juicy Nules Clementine, the Bing cherry, Red Haven Peach and the Gala apple.

A Large Variety of Trees for Alabama

Wherever you live – the Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Blur Ridge, Ridge Valley or the Cumberland Plateau - we have the trees for your unique region. Our wide selection of trees for Alabama is bound to provide long lasting solutions for your landscaping needs.

The Alabama State tree is the Long Leaf Pine. This stately tree grows to between 98 and 115 feet in height. The tree has long dark green needles and can live up to 500 years. 

The Bama soil series was designated as the official state soil of Alabama in 1997. Bama soils are a mixture of sand, clay, silt and marine sediments. These soils comprise more than 360,000 acres throughout most of Western and Central regions of Alabama. Fast growing trees thrive in this well-drained, sandy soil so Alabama gardeners should have no trouble choosing trees that will endure.

Beautiful Alabama landscapes are usually a blend of different varieties of hardy shade trees, feathery evergreens as well as flowering trees and fruit. Choosing trees that are easy to establish in the Bama soil conditions and climate will ensure that you have a landscape that is stunning and easy to maintain.

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