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#1 - SunCalc Sunlight Calculator
#2 - SunCalc Sunlight Calculator
#3 - SunCalc Sunlight Calculator

SunCalc Sunlight Calculator

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Sunlight Calculator Makes Planning Your Garden a Breeze

Struggling to plan your garden? Luster Leaf's SunCalc is here to help! This device was designed to measure the amount of sunlight a specific area gets in a day. Simply place the device in your garden, and within 12 hours, your data is available! 

The SunCalc is able to deliver 4 separate readings: full sun, partial sun, full shade, and partial shade. This allows gardeners to select which plants are best suited in that area and where to place them in their yard.

How will this benefit your garden? Since many gardens are affected by various paths of sunlight like buildings, shadows, and fences, planning your garden can be a challenge. And because plants have different light requirements, this means some can't survive in areas with too much or too little sun. When you use the SunCalc, you’ll be able to ensure all your plants get the proper sunlight they need to truly thrive! 

Ready to kick the guesswork of garden planning this year? Then be sure to get your SunCalc Sunlight Calculator today!

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