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#1 - Star Cherry Tree (Pitanga)
#2 - Star Cherry Tree (Pitanga)
#3 - Star Cherry Tree (Pitanga)
#4 - Star Cherry Tree (Pitanga)
#5 - Star Cherry Tree (Pitanga)
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Star Cherry Tree (Pitanga)

Eugenia selloi

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Uniquely-Shaped, Robust Cherries

Why Surinam Cherry Trees?

The tropical-inspired Surinam Cherry boasts some of the most unique-looking and robust cherries available. For starters, these cherries grow up to 2 inches in width and feature deep, ribbed indentions in a star shape. So, the Surinam Cherry is not only a second-to-none producer, but it’s also ideal for visual interest too.

And the Surinam Cherry’s flavor is amazing. Tender and amazingly juicy, this fruit’s taste is comparable to an apricot or passion fruit. And there’s plenty to create in the kitchen with this cherry’s exotic, tart taste – it pairs famously with vanilla ice cream, as a topping for cheesecakes, in smoothies and beyond.

Plus, the Surinam Cherry Tree is versatile. It grows well in a container or in the ground, so it thrives from gardens to patios or even along streets. And the Surinam Cherry produces white flowers and rich, sizable cherries for months, adapting to any soil type or condition…including drought and freezing temperatures.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

But the best part about our Surinam Cherry Tree is that it’s a proven performer, grafted from root stock rather than grown from seed. That means you get consistent size, shape and fruiting, year over year. You get the same great-tasting Star Cherries season after season because we’ve put in the hard work at our nursery, long before your Star Cherry arrives to your door.

Imagine fresh, one-of-a-kind cherries in just a few growing seasons. Order your own Surinam Cherry Tree now!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

    Mature Height:3-6 ft.
    Mature Width:3-6 ft.
    Sunlight:Full Sun
    Growth Rate:Fast
    Harvest Time:April-May
    Botanical Name:Eugenia selloi
    Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
    Grows Well In Zones:4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 8-11 outdoors

    (hardy down to 20℉)

    Customer Reviews & Photos


    Based on 33 reviews

    Verified Buyer

    Plant seem healthy and is

    Plant seem healthy and is doing well do far. We’ve only had it for 2 weeks as of now.

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    Miguel A.
    Verified Buyer

    healty plant

    Just received it, I am exited to see it fruit and post them on my tiktok page :)

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    It was great! FInally got

    It was great! FInally got the tree as it was usually sold out so we are very happy!

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    Verified Buyer

    Star Cherry, Louisiana Zone 9

    Good overall experience. One large fruit so far. Ordered Mar of 2022.

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    Media from review #5
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    Verified Buyer

    Doing Well in Louisiana Zone 9

    I had a good ordering experience. The trees arrived with plenty of soil and full of dark green foliage. I purchased them in March of 2022. I have three of them and they are all in pots. All three have produced several tiny white flowers. But only one fruit has developed. I'm not sure why, but most of the flowers just fall off when their bloom is over without producing fruit. I did try manual pollination with no improvement. Otherwise, the trees are doing great and have plenty of new growth. It is their 1st year here so maybe next year will be better. I plan to cover them in the winter but leave the pots outside. The fruit was larger than I expected. It was yellow when ripe not red. It grew quickly and took about 3 weeks to mature after bloom. I knew it was ripe when it slipped off the tree smoothly with almost no effort. To me, it tasted like a yellow mango with a little tartness and a few drops of orange juice. The fruit skin was smooth and very fragile. It felt similar to a star fruit but was not as long. The fruit was bursting with juice and contained one pit similar to a regular cherry.

    Media from review #1
    Media from review #2
    Media from review #3
    Media from review #4
    Media from review #5
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