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#1 - NordMax21® Royal Empress Tree
#2 - NordMax21® Royal Empress Tree
#3 - NordMax21® Royal Empress Tree
#4 - NordMax21® Royal Empress Tree
Flowering Trees

NordMax21® Royal Empress Tree

Paulownia x 'NordMax21'

A cold-hardy variety of the world's fastest growing tree!

  • Grows up to 15 feet per year for fast shade and instant landscape impact
  • Frost-resistant and cold-hardy down to -10 degrees
  • Non-invasive and sustainable planting choice
  • Absorbs four times the CO2 of beech or oak trees

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The World's Fastest-Growing Tree for Colder Climates

The Royal Empress Tree is beloved for its fast growth, low maintenance and environmental-friendliness - and with this new and improved variety, you can grow it in colder climates, too!

Also known as the Princess Tree and by its botanical name, Paulownia, the Royal Empress Tree can grow up to an impressive 15 feet per year - making it perfect for gardeners and homeowners who want shade, fast. And with the new-to-market NordMax21 cultivar, you'll get the same fast growth, plus improved cold tolerance and frost resistance - this tree is hardy down to Zone 5.

When you plant the Royal Empress Tree, you'll get instant landscape impact, along with a flush of vibrant purple blooms in late spring. And you'll be helping the environment, too - this tree is a non-invasive, sustainable way to keep your yard cool and your air clean. Because of their fast growth, Royal Empress trees can absorb up to four times the CO2 of beech and oak trees.

Did you know: The Royal Empress Tree is commonly used as a sustainable source of wood, and it's strong, lightweight timber is used in everything from surfboards and guitars to interior design and construction!

Don't miss out - if you're looking for a fast-growing, flowering shade tree that can thrive even in cool climates, the NordMax21 Royal Empress is the perfect choice.

Looking for a different variety of Royal Empress? Check out the new PhoenixOne cultivar!

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Product Details

Mature Height:40-50 ft.
Mature Width:30-40 ft.
Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:Paulownia x 'NordMax21'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,WI
Grows Well In Zones:5-11 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 5-11 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


Based on 14 reviews

Verified Buyer

I had one

Well I have to say that the tree I bought grew to 15' the first year from a 6-8" plant. Some of the leafs were 42" accross. They did get smaller the next year. The issue I had was the limbs would break off in strong winds. All parts of the tree had a .5" hole through the middle of it. I would get sprouts all over my yard and still do after removing it 4 years ago. The tree did get to full size in 5 years. I don't know the exact measurement around the tree but maybe 15 to 20 feet. It was big and had lots of blooms in early spring. I've seen a few around town. If you need shade this tree provides it. I was really supprised how fast it grew and how much the spread was. Covered my front yard. I live in the Kansas City area and the tree didn't seem to mine the cold weather. Would I recommend this tree? If you have a lot of high winds you will be picking up limbs. You could have sprouts from the roots that go a long way out from the trunk. If that doesn't bother you then go for it. I had it removed for these reasons.

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Sandy L.
Verified Buyer

Wish to purchase two to replace two previously owned

These trees are AMAZING! We got Yard Of The Month from our HOA when this tree was in full bloom! This is in Texas. We had two trees, one in the front yard and one in the back yard. Both did amazingly well and grew like crazy. We had them several years, when we experienced a summer storm. High winds and torrential rain. The tree in the front yard suffered the most damage when the whole center; from the top 1/2 of the tree, got broken and twisted within the tree. It hadn't snapped completely. My husband had to climb into the tree and saw the broken branch down, as well as a few branches that got broken when the limb crashed into them. After that, it really looked terrible. We thought we should cut it down completely and purchase another one. So we cut it down.......and for over two years now, this tree hasn't been available for sale through this company!?! I realize it has been GMO'd ...but the site still reads THIS ITEM WILL RETURN, SOON. We also purchased a rental home and I wish to plant this tree to replace an old silver maple that died. Come on FAST GROWING TREES.....sell me two trees already ;-)

Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertWe love that you love your trees! It currently looks like we'll be expecting them in May 2024 but with live plants, this can change. Check back in Spring and we'll be glad to give a better time frame!
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Cheryl B.
Verified Buyer

Amazing, beautiful Royal Empress

I have ordered this tree several times. The first one I ordered did grow 12 feet the first year which made my son have to eat his words. He didn't believe it would grow that fast. We have had several volunteer trees sprout up. The first 2 years it didn't bloom. The third year it bloomed. When the blooms fell off the seeds from the blooms grew the volunteer trees. One tree that I ordered died. I contacted customer service and mailed a photo of the dead tree. They gave me credit for the dead tree, no problem. Great company. I will always order from Fast Growing Trees!

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Cassie P.
Verified Buyer

Healthy talll tree!

This tree is great and has already grown several inches even in its pot in shade and cold.

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Great Company to work with.

Great ,bought two and one looked great the other look like it was dying. I called and Scott said to text him a picture while we were on the phone. I did and he said they would send a replacement out right away but we live in Florida and hurricane Ian was coming the next day and ask that they wait a week to ship and they did. Service was outstanding.

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