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Jonagold Apple Tree

Malus domestica 'Jonagold'

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Jonagold Apple Tree Care

View Full Planting & Care Instructions
sun shining


Jonagold Apples thrive in full sun, so make sure you plant in a spot that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

drops of water


Water regularly each week when the soil gets dry 2-3 inches down. Make sure to water more often if the tree is potted or there is a period of drought.



Follow label instructions on an apple-specific fertilizer, usually applying several times from April until August.

The Best Balance of Tart and Sweet

Why Jonagold Apple Trees?

Apple lovers, rejoice! The Jonagold Apple Tree is the balance of sharp and sweet you’ve been craving. A unique cross between the Jonathan and Golden Delicious varieties, this orchard favorite will provide abundant fruit in your own backyard, year after year.

The Jonagold Apple has appearance of a classic apple orchard tree, with familiar widespread branches and leafy growth on a sturdy, thin trunk. During the prime picking season, this tree is heavy with red-gold apples that provide beautiful color contrast.

There's no denying, the Jonagold Apple is an at-home orchard star. You’re likely to smell its rich aromatic, fragrance before even tasting the apples. A sweet sharpness makes the Jonagold ideal for a wide variety of culinary recipes, including baked goods, cider, or even dried slices.

To get fruit, you'll need to plant your Jonagold Apple near at least two other apple trees. The Jonagold Apple thrives best in warmer climates. Keep it in full sun, and maintain well-drained soil.

Nothing captures the magic of autumn like apple picking. Why not experience it in your own backyard? The Jonagold Apple is the sweet treat you need to complete your garden.

Why FastGrowingTrees.com is Better

The best part of growing Jonagold Apples at home? Your Jonagold tree has been nurtured to promote better branching and faster apple production. You'll get home-grown fruit in your own backyard - fruit that’s fresh and easily grown because we’ve planted, monitored and nurtured your Jonagold Apple tree from day one.

We’ve done the extra work so that you don’t have to. You get the promise of great-tasting, easy-growing apples from season to season, because our trees are grown and prepped for the best results.

Imagine an autumn filled with home-grown apples. Order your own Jonagold Apple Tree today!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

    Mature Height:10-15 ft.
    Mature Width:8-10 ft.
    Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
    Growth Rate:Moderate
    Harvest Time:October-November
    Year to Bear:Can Fruit the 1st Year!
    Botanical Name:Malus domestica 'Jonagold'
    Does Not Ship To:AZ,CA,ID,OR,WA
    Grows Well In Zones:5-8 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 5-8 outdoors

    (hardy down to -10℉)

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    La H.
    Verified Buyer

    New Jonagold apple tree

    My trees arrived in good shape. They have been planted for 10 days now and appear to be in good shape. Thanks for the nice trees and prompt service.

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    Jennifer K.
    Verified Buyer

    Jonagold apple tree

    This tree arrived in perfect condition, planted it right away and we'll see well it grows. Looks great so far.

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