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Dorsett Golden Apple Tree

Malus domestica 'Dorsett Golden'

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Dorsett Golden Apple Tree Care

View Full Planting & Care Instructions
sun shining


Dorsett Golden Apples thrive in full sun, so make sure you plant in a spot that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

drops of water


Water regularly each week when the soil gets dry 2-3 inches down. Make sure to water more often if the tree is potted or there is a period of drought.



Follow label instructions on an apple-specific fertilizer, usually applying several times from April until August.

Large, Delicious Apples Early in the Season

Why Dorsett Golden Apple Trees?

With our Dorsett Golden Apple Tree, you get an early harvest of delicious apples, and up to two additional annual harvests in warmer areas. Because this Southern tree flourishes in both high temperatures and resists chill down to -10 degrees, you get amazing results.

Even better? It’s resistant to most diseases, so it’s hassle-free too. Of all the apple varieties, the Dorsett Golden is the first to bloom as early as mid-January in areas with milder winter climates. That means you can expect an abundance of enormous apples as early as late June.

How does the Dorsett taste? One word says it all: Delicious. Take a Golden Delicious apple, add a hint of vanilla and just the right touch of sweetness and you have a Dorsett Golden Apple. Although it ripens in early summer, the Dorsett doesn't have the sharp berry flavors typical of most summer varieties, so it has the taste and firmness of a fall apple.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

Aside from its delectable flavor, effortless care and fast growth, our Dorsett is amazing because we’ve grafted and grown it from proven, consistent root stock. And since we’ve nurtured our Dorsett Golden Apple Tree from day one, you get more branching…which means more fruit.

Dorsett Apples of your own are just a click away. Grab your own Dorsett Golden Apple Tree, before they’re gone!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

    Mature Height:15-20 ft.
    Mature Width:8-15 ft.
    Sunlight:Full Sun
    Growth Rate:Moderate
    Harvest Time:June - July
    Year to Bear:Can Fruit the 1st Year!
    Botanical Name:Malus domestica 'Dorsett Golden'
    Does Not Ship To:AZ, CA, ID, OR, WA
    Grows Well In Zones:5-9 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 5-9 outdoors

    (hardy down to -10℉)

    Customer Reviews & Photos


    Based on 62 reviews

    Elvis E.

    Excellent tree

    Dorsette in the second season and is doing fantastically well in zone 5a!

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    Verified Buyer


    Received my tree 6-7 foot size. Some brown dead leaves and wilting. Immediately took it out box hydrated it and place in shaded area prior to planting. Hoping it perk back up and not die two days later like my Avocado did. Purchased the guaranty so cover if it fails later.

    Media from review #1
    Media from review #2
    Fast Growing Trees Plant ExpertThank you for the review! It looks like typical shipping stress which can cause some cosmetic damage but the tree should push out new growth over the next few weeks. Reach out if there are any additional concerns and we'll make it right!
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    Dave K.
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing Golden Dorsett

    I ordered a 6-7 ft Golden Dorsett apple tree January 30th. I received a healthy beautiful tree less than a week later. It's almost a month and it is loaded with apples. There must be another apple tree nearby as the Golden Dorsett is not supposed to be self-fertile. I couldn't be more pleased!

    Media from review #1
    Media from review #2
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    Great trees

    Two days after planting the trees started sprouting. four day’s later fruit blossoms. Very happy

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    Verified Buyer

    Arrived in good shape

    Arrived in good shape

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