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#1 - Iceberg Rose Tree
#2 - Iceberg Rose Tree

Iceberg Rose Tree

Rosa Iceberg

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Double White Roses on a Tree

There are rose bushes – and then there is the majestic Iceberg Rose Tree. You’ll get a magnificent display of 2 to 4 inch brilliant white blooms year after year on a tree that we train to grow upright. Our skilled growers groom this tree so you don’t have to.

Your tree will grow to about 3 feet tall, displaying a rounded crown bursting with fragrant, large white roses that have a delicate pale yellow center.

Long Growing Season
This Iceberg Rose Tree is a prolific bloomer! You can expect to get a tremendous surge of big white roses your first spring! It’s unlike typical rose bushes that come alive around Easter, and tend to struggle through the heat of summer. This tree will continue to bloom - bursting with new flowers from spring to fall.

Easy to Own
Winter hardy roses? It’s true! The double white roses may give an impression that this is a delicate tree – but it is amazingly resistant to harsh cold and hot climates. Thick 20 inch stems host green glossy leaves and clusters of beautiful flowers that withstand temperatures down to -20° F.

It’s also disease resistant, so you won’t need to spray chemicals to ward off pesky insects. This incredible tree fends for itself brilliantly.

Versatile Beauty
Whether you’re a first timer – or a rose growing aficionado, there are no limits to where or how you can plant the Iceberg Rose Tree!

Its beauty is captivating as a stand-alone focal point in your yard; and will thrive on a patio or poolside in a container.

These are absolutely stunning when planted in a row. Line three of these along your property line or driveway for a look that’s typically reserved for high-end resorts. Regal in appearance – yet an inexpensive way to add impressive and unique interest to your landscape. The best part? It requires very little work from you.

Order now! This beautiful tree is packaged carefully and shipped to arrive in just a few days!

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Product Details

    Mature Height:3 ft.
    Mature Width:3 ft.
    Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
    Growth Rate:Fast
    Botanical Name:Rosa Iceberg
    Does Not Ship To:AZ, Canada
    Grows Well In Zones:5-10 outdoors
    grow zone map

    Growing Zones: 5-10 outdoors

    (hardy down to -10℉)

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