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FIZZ Plant Food


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Give Your Plants the Nutrients They Crave!

FIZZ Plant Food is an easy-to-use fertilizer that gives your plants everything they need for healthy, consistent growth.

Specially formulated by expert growers, FIZZ creates the right environment for happier plants. Use FIZZ to promote strong roots, greater growth, healthy transplanting and repotting and more.

FIZZ includes a 12-4-8 blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, plus added essential nutrients for healthy plants. And the "fizz" effect you'll notice when you dissolve the tablets? That's creating C02, which plants love!

Best of all? It's no-fuss and easy to use. Just dissolve FIZZ tablets in water, and water your plants as normal - no extra steps required.

  • 32 oz water: 1 tablets
  • 64 oz water: 2 tablets
  • 96 oz water: 4 tablets
  • 128 oz water: 8 tablets

Get happier, healthier plants with FIZZ Plant Food. Order yours today!

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