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#1 - Espoma Rose-tone® Organic Fertilizer
#2 - Espoma Rose-tone® Organic Fertilizer

Espoma Rose-tone® Organic Fertilizer

Natural and organic fertilizer for better rose growth

  • Pet, planet, and people-safe

  • Long-lasting and slow-release feed

  • Enhanced formula free of sludge and fillers

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Fertilizer Promotes Bigger Rose Blooms and Greener Foliage

Boost your roses with the Espoma Rose-tone® Organic Fertilizer! This all-natural formula promotes bigger blooms and greener foliage when you sprinkle this on your potted or garden roses.

This fertilizer is safe for people, pets, and the planet for a sustainable and organic formula! Its long-lasting slow-release feeds your plants and keeps them at their healthiest for even longer.

Plus, this fertilizer's bio-tone enhanced formula means faster growth and even bigger blooms! Enjoy an abundance of lovely roses each season when you use this sludge-free and no-filler fertilizer.

For a high-quality fertilizer that will make your roses the talk of the neighborhood, buy the Espoma Rose-tone® Organic Fertilizer today!

Directions: Use with all varieties of roses in the landscape or in containers. Can also be used on flowering plants like Viburnum, Bougainvilleas & Clematis.For best flower production feed monthly through the growing season – often May through September.

For planting in-ground: Dig a hole about 12” across and 18” deep. Add peat moss and 3 cups of Rose-tone to the soil removed and mix thoroughly. Use this mixture to partially refill hole, then place your plant int he hole. Planting depth should be such that the graft knuckle is just below ground level. Add 4 – 5 inches of soil and firm around roots. Fill hole to within 2 to 3 inches of top, fill with water and let it soak in. Finish filling hole.

For planting in containers: Some pre-packaged roses should be planted in their original container. Follow instructions on container to determine if the plant should be removed or planted with the container.
Follow directions for “Bare Root Plants” for general planting procedures and hole size. Instead of making a cone to place the roots on, fill the hole with enough soil so that when the container is placed in it its soil level is the same as the surrounding area. Place plant in hole and refill as outlined above.

For existing plants:

  • Individual plants: Apply 1-1/4 cup around each plant and scratch into the top inch of soil.
  • Rose beds: Spread 6 lbs. per 100 square feet of bed area and scratch into the top inch of soil.
  • Potted plants: For soil preparation before planting mix 2 cups of Rose-tone into each cubic foot of potting mix. Feed established plants 1 teaspoon for each 3 inches of pot diameter. Repeat monthly.

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