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#1 - Espoma Plant-tone® Organic Fertilizer
#2 - Espoma Plant-tone® Organic Fertilizer

Espoma Plant-tone® Organic Fertilizer

Nourish your garden

  • Premium blend of 100% natural & organic ingredients

  • Complete and balanced feeding with beneficial microbes

  • Long-lasting, slow release fertilizer

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Invigorate Your Garden Naturally

Espoma Plant-tone® Organic Fertilizer is the ultimate all-natural plant food enriched with Bio-tone® Microbes. Crafted from a premium blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients, this revolutionary fertilizer ensures your plants receive complete and balanced nourishment, just as nature intended.

Formulated with Bio-tone® beneficial microbes, Espoma Plant-tone® fosters healthy soil ecosystems, promoting vigorous plant growth and vibrant blooms. Its long-lasting, slow-release formula guarantees sustained nutrition without the risk of burning or leaching away, providing your plants with consistent care throughout their growth journey.

Trusted by gardeners since 1929, Espoma Plant-tone® remains the original all-purpose plant food, beloved for its efficacy and reliability. Simply mix into garden beds for enriched soil or seamlessly incorporate during new plantings to establish strong roots and promote thriving growth. Experience the difference with Espoma Plant-tone® Organic Fertilizer today!

Directions: For use on anything you plant, including flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. For trees and shrubs, fertilize in spring and late fall. For flowers and vegetables, fertilize monthly during the growing season. Apply according to package instructions, and always water after applying.

  • For garden beds: Mix thoroughly into the soil to a depth of at least 4″
  • For new plants: Add to the soil used to backfill the planting hole
  • For established plants: Sprinkle onto the soil around the drip line

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