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Dwarf Yaupon Holly Shrub

Ilex vomitoria 'Nana'

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Dwarf Yaupon Holly Shrub Care

View Full Planting & Care Instructions
sun shining


Plant your Holly in an area with full to partial sun - at least 4 hours of sunlight daily.

drops of water


Water weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Water when the soil is dry 2-3 inches down.



Fertilization isn't required for your Holly, but you can apply an evergreen fertilizer in the spring as needed.

Adaptable Dwarf Size Fits in Any Location

Why Dwarf Yaupon Holly Shrubs?
Rich evergreen foliage in a broadleaf habit meets an adaptable dwarf silhouette, making the Dwarf Yaupon Holly Shrub perfect for planting anywhere. Particularly suited for warmer climates, especially in Southern regions, Dwarf Yaupon lends itself to foundation hedging, border plantings or as a focal point specimen, especially with its modest red berries.

And it rarely has pest or disease issues, so you get good looks without the hassle. The Yaupon stands up to tough conditions and soil types because it actually contains caffeine - making it immune to harsh temperatures, pests and anything else that takes out other varieties. You’ll get the Dwarf Yaupon’s finely-textured, glossy foliage, made for year-round visual interest, in the most effortless way.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better
But the best part about our Dwarf Yaupon? It’s made to acclimate and grow well, with results that continue long after it arrives to your door. That’s because we plant, monitor and ship your Yaupon with care, so you get the best possible results. We put in the extra work to meticulously nurture your plant and ensure it’s a proven performer.

Now, you’ll reap the rewards of our hard work. The Dwarf Yaupon offers rewards of easy, low-maintenance growth, versatility and adaptability, and all with stunning evergreen looks. Order your own Dwarf Yaupon Holly Shrub before it’s gone!

Full Planting & Care Instructions

Product Details

Mature Height:3-5 ft.
Mature Width:3-6 ft.
Sunlight:Full-Partial Sun
Growth Rate:Fast
Botanical Name:Ilex vomitoria 'Nana'
Does Not Ship To:AZ,OR
Grows Well In Zones:7-9 outdoors
grow zone map

Growing Zones: 7-9 outdoors

(hardy down to 10℉)

Customer Reviews & Photos


Based on 7 reviews

Jeffrey M.
Verified Buyer

Received in great condition!

Ordered 8 of the Dwarf Yaupon Holly. Got them in the ground weeks ago. Delivery was quick; packed perfectly and all looked healthy.

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Looking pretty good right now!

they were packaged very well and arrived in a very quick manner.

Was this review helpful?

Dward Yaupon Holly

The 4 that have been planted seem to be doing very well. However, not able to plant the other 4 and they are not looking very happy. Hope to get them planted soon.

Media from review #1
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Jen M.
Verified Buyer

Yaupon holly tea bush

As a wildlife forager, for years, it was time to try a yaupon holly bush (provides caffeine, in the USA) for tea/decor purposes. It’s beautiful, small, flowery, and just right for our townhome balcony, as a potted bush, for now. Let’s hope it will keep on growing for a long time? Just got to pray to the Yaupon Holly God for this.

Media from review #1
Media from review #2
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Lori A.
Verified Buyer

10/10 recommend

Been planted for almost a year. Bought 12 for the HOA condo landscaping. 11 out of 12 are going fantastic. They are slow growers (as noted on their bio page here). 1 was a runt from the beginning that we were hoping would grow I to a fat cat, but sadly it didn't make it, and turned into a bundle of sticks. FGT was great about the warranty on that little guy, and made it easy on us to rectify the issue. The other 11 are beautiful and plush little guys that are clearly growing well.

Media from review #1
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