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Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - USDA Organic

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - USDA Organic
Images shown are of mature plants

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Dont worry! Customers were also interested in these available products ...

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 5-10 outdoors

(hardy down to -10℉) 
      5-10 outdoors
   Map 5-10 outdoors
Mature Height:
15-30 ft.
Mature Width:
15-30 ft.
Full Sun
Growth Rate:
Harvest Time:
July - October
Year to Bear:
Fruits 1st Year!
Botanical Name:
Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy'
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

A Cold Hardy Fig That’s Organic and Hassle-Free

Meticulously grown and nurtured to withstand some of the coldest winter temperatures, the Chicago Hardy Fig Tree is ultra-durable and even comes back strong after freezing. Bushels of delectable figs are bountiful a season after the most intense wintry weather, and even better, this tree is organically-grown. Organic, healthful growth means that pesticides and harsh sprays are unnecessary for gorgeous growth.

Growing up to 30 feet in height, the Chicago Hardy Fig Tree is full and voluminous but can be trimmed and maintained at a height as short as 6 feet, if desired. Its sizable, fan-like foliage creates a dense screen of luxuriant greenery when it’s left to flourish, so it’s the perfect backyard focal point. Deeply-hued purple figs offer a contrasting, complementary look and vivacious visual interest you’ll love for extra curb appeal.

And the look of these beauties isn’t even the best part – these plump, juicy figs offer soft, delicious flesh and high-quality taste too. They’re ideal for plucking, peeling and eating directly off the tree. You’ll enjoy mouth-watering figs the first season after you plant, with a harvest in late summer to early fall. Best of all, the Chicago Hardy Fig Tree will provide as many as 12 gallons of figs each season! Healthy, delicious figs that improve everything from savory dinners to desserts. Whether they’re added to salads, oatmeal or prosciutto, they’re an unforgettable, versatile ingredient.

Large numbers of healthful, organically-grown homemade figs, beautifying your kitchen and landscape alike. Order your Chicago Hardy Fig Tree today!

Pollination Info

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - USDA Organic Pollination

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - USDA Organics are self-fertile. You will get fruit with only one plant. However, adding an additional Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - USDA Organic will drastically increase the size of your crop.

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Planting & Care

The Chicago Hardy Fig Tree (Ficus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’) is one of the hardiest fig trees, able to withstanding temperatures down to -10 degrees. Not only does it tolerate cold temperatures, but it also does well during the hot summers for USDA growing zones 5-10. This fig tree can reach a mature height and width of 15-30 feet, but can also be potted and pruned to maintain a height as small as 6 feet tall. The tree is lush with large, three-fingered leaves producing a large yield of dark purple fruit that are golf ball sized. Ready for harvesting in late summer and early fall, they are deliciously juicy/sweet when eaten right off the tree or perfect for adding to salads. The figs are also often wrapped in prosciutto and enjoyed as an appetizer.

Planting Location: When deciding where to plant your fig keep in mind that fig trees perform best in full sun. They can tolerate shade, but prefer full sun. Plant them in an area that doesn’t get hit with harsh winter winds. Fig trees grown in containers should be placed by large sunny windows if kept indoors.

Planting Directions (in ground):
1) Once you’ve selected the perfect planting site, dig a hole that’s three times wider than your tree’s root ball and just as deep.
2) Loosen the soil on the sides of the hole with a shovel or pitchfork. Next, remove any debris like dirt clumps, grass, or rocks from the hole.
3) Position your tree and make sure it’s level with the surrounding ground and standing straight up.
4) Begin to back fill your hole and gently tamp the soil down to eliminate air pockets from forming.
5) After the planting process is complete give your fig tree a slow, deep watering by holding a hose at its base and counting to 20.
6) Mulch around the base to conserve soil moisture and to keep weeds/grasses back.

Planting Directions (potted): 
1) For container trees, select a container that’s slightly larger than the root ball (2 sizes larger than the initial container the fig came in works best).
2) Add a mixture of potting soil and organic planting mix to the container before you place your tree in it.
3) Make sure your tree stands straight up in its container and give it a good drink of water until you see water coming out the bottom of the pot. If your pot doesn’t contain drainage holes, you can quickly add some with a small drill.
4) Allow the top 2 inches of the soil to dry before watering again.

Watering: Fig trees have a fair drought tolerance. Once established they will need a deep watering once every one to two weeks. Feel your soil, if it feels like it’s drying out close to the surface then it’s time to water your tree. Trees kept in containers will often need more water than those planted in the ground. Water your trees more often during times of extreme heat or prolonged droughts.

Fertilization: Usually fig trees don’t require any fertilizing, unless you know that your lawn is lacking in nutrients. If you need to fertilize your trees it’s best to do so in the early spring. Use a slow release, well balanced organic fertilizer, like formula 10-10-10.

Weed Control: Placing a 3 to 4 inch thick layer of mulch around the base of your trees will prevent weeds from growing. It will also regulate the soil temperature, and help the soil retain moisture.

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