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Willow Hybrid Tree

Willow Hybrid Tree
Images shown are of mature plants
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Product Details

Growing Zones: 4-9 outdoors

(hardy down to -20℉) 
      4-9 outdoors
   Map 4-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
35-45 ft. in Rows; 50-75 ft. Alone
Mature Width:
5-10 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Salix x matsudana x alba
Does Not Ship To:

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Product Description

Fast-Growing and Dense Privacy Screen

Why Willow Hybrids?

A living and lush privacy fence of your very own is just a click away. The Willow Hybrid grows up to 6 feet each year, filling out to create a solid green wall. And it's an excellent, trouble-free green screen because it thrives across the country, no matter the climate or conditions.

Even better? It's disease resistant and tolerates both hot and cold temperature extremes. From Florida to Canada, Willow Hybrids thrive in almost any soil and any weather. Because of that versatile and highly adaptable nature, our special breed of Willow Hybrid is popular with landscape developers across the country.

Why is Better

In little time, you'll get a well-formed, lush green hedge. And since our Willow Hybrid is super low-maintenance, you can simply plant it and forget it! And you get this dense, full privacy for a fraction of the cost of traditional fencing because we’ve planted, grown and shipped your tree with care, root system and health intact. Though it may look small when it arrives to your door, the Willow Hybrid transforms quickly.

In fact, Willow Hybrids typically form a thick green wall by the end of the first full growing season. Order a few of your own Willow Hybrids today!


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United States

Hybrid Willows needed to create border on property!

The trees came in good condition and were easy to plant. It's been just a little over a month but they are doing great.

wesley C.
United States

Grows fast

Easy to plant and see them every two weeks, you really do notice how fast they do grow...



I bought these 2 yrs ago and I'll tell you they grow fast. I had to trim these back 3 times last yr. They grew so fast. I didn't fertilize them at all and they went from 3-4 ft to at least 15ft by the end of summer. I was impressed. I cut them back to 6ft in the fall and they have buds ready to go again this year. Just make sure you keep trimming them back so the bottom fills out. Well worth the cost for privacy.

Vince Chapa

4 of 5 trees survived & thrived, bad packaging killed 1 tree

In August 2017, I purchased 5 six/seven foot willow hybrids. 4 of the 5 survived and have grown taller and thicker as time went by. 1 died rather quickly. In its packaging, several thick copper staples had pierced through the core of the tree trunk in a couple places. I should have reached out sooner, but not wanting to complain and thinking that the tree would be resilient and survive — sadly I did not. I planted them all as early Fall arrived and by the next spring, the tree that had arrived damaged was dead. I reached out 8 months after purchase to explore my options, but was told that I had not purchased the 1 year warranty, but could purchase an extended warranty for $95 - which costs more than a replacement tree! Considering that it arrived damaged with big staples through its trunk, I thought I would receive better customer service regardless of my lack of warranty purchase. I’m pleased with the 4 other trees, but the customer service response to a tree damaged by the company’s packaging process was very disappointing.


We are so sorry that your tree arrived damaged! Whenever this happens definitely let us know right away so that we can assist you under the 5 day guarantee and replace it. Hopefully you'll be willing to give us another try knowing we have that guarantee in place!

Kara Hartig

Amazing growth

I planted two in summer 2018. They were about 3' tall at arrival. They're now about 15' tall and survived the NYC winter. I'm hoping they'll fill in a bunch for a privacy screen this summer.

Planting & Care

Unlike the Weeping Willow, the Willow Hybrid grows straight up, making it a perfect tree when you need privacy—fast. Follow these tips to keep your trees happy and healthy.

1. Planting: For an instant privacy screen, plant these trees 5 feet apart. To give the trees a bit more room (which requires less work in terms of pruning), plant them 20 to 30 feet apart. You can plant them in a straight line, or in two staggered rows. Either way, they’ll grow best in full sun to partial shade (4 to 8 hours of sunlight per day). You can plant Willow Hybrids at any time of the year when the ground isn’t frozen - they establish quickly.

When you're ready to plant, dig a hole as deep as the root ball but twice as wide. Then, place the tree in the hole to check the depth - if the level of the soil surrounding the hole is higher than the root ball, pick the tree up, put some more soil in the hole, and replace the tree. Then, back fill the soil and water to settle.

Tip: To help the trees establish, consider using a Tree Gator or water reservoir to give them a steady drip of water.

2. Watering: Water Willow Hybrids daily after you first plant them. After two weeks, you can water every other day. After one month, you can water twice a week. After three months, water the Willow Hybrids once a week. They won’t need extra water after they’ve been in the ground for six months unless it is very hot and dry (temperatures above 80 degrees with no measurable precipitation for three weeks or more).

Willows do grow well in damp conditions. They do not usually need extra water unless your area has not had rain for three to four weeks during the summer. If that is the case, water the trees twice a week. Count to 20 on each tree, or provide five large watering cans full of water for each tree.

3. Pruning: Willow Hybrids require pruning primarily to control their size and shape and to remove dead branches. Cut dead branches all the way back to the trunk, stopping at least ½ inch before the trunk. The pruning cut will heal itself.

If you’re growing the Willow Hybrid as a hedge, trim once a year in the winter, which will encourage the tree to branch out and become denser throughout the summer.

4. Mulching: Hybrid Willows grow best in slightly moist conditions, so mulch around these trees once a year with shredded hardwood bark mulch. Do not mound the mulch around the trunk of the tree, however. Spread a layer of mulch that is three inches deep extending three feet from the tree trunk for best results.

5. Fertilizing: You don’t need to fertilize Willow Hybrids. They grow just fine on their own!

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