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Mediterranean Cypress

Mediterranean Cypress
Images shown are of mature plants

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Dont worry! Customers were also interested in these available products ...

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Product Details

Growing Zones: 8-11 outdoors

(hardy down to 20℉) 
      8-11 outdoors
   Map 8-11 outdoors
Mature Height:
30 - 40 ft.
Mature Width:
4 - 6 ft.
Growth Rate:
Botanical Name:
Cupressus sempervirens
Does Not Ship To:

Product Description

A Vibrant Evergreen Filled With Holiday Spirit

Sending your loved ones a Christmas wrapped Mediterranean Cypress tree is the quickest way to spread holiday cheer. Once they discover a package by their door containing a miniature Christmas tree they will be filled with holiday cheer.

Don't worry about gift-wrapping, because we take care of it for you. Each Mediterranean Cypress arrives in a beautifully gift-wrapped container, complete with a bow.

Mediterranean Cypress trees have alluring green foliage that draws the eye to its beauty. Once the branches pop against the gift-wrapped container the tree becomes even more stunning.

This tree will turn into an instant family favorite as it fits in well with any holiday décor. Due to the compact size of the Mediterranean Cypress it can fit on any table or counter top to either be an accent piece in the room or the center of attention.

The excitement over Mediterranean Cypresses never fades, because they're evergreens that keep their gorgeous color all year. While other gifts fade away into the background the Mediterranean Cypress will continue to impress your loved ones.

Mediterranean Cypresses are gifts that keep giving, because they can flourish inside in containers. They will brighten and freshen up any room all year long and frame entryways and liven up porches during the warmer months.

If you live in warmer zones like 8 through 11 then you can plant your Mediterranean Cypress in the ground and watch it take off, growing into a beautiful columnar tree in the blink of an eye.

Medditerranean Cypress trees are a holiday favorite that sells out fast. We recommend ordering yours today before they are gone.

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Planting & Care

The Mediterranean Cypress is a holiday evergreen tree that is sent gift wrapped to spread the holiday cheer. This variety is known as “Cupressus sempervirens” and performs bet in USDA growing zones 4-7 on the patio (potted) and 8-11 outdoors. Mediterranean Cypress trees are a fast grower maturing to a height of 30-40 feet tall and 4-6 feet in width.

Location: When choosing a location for your Mediterranean Cypress, find a location that receives full to partial sun with soil that is well draining.

Planting Instructions (in the ground):
1) Dig the hole twice the size as the root ball and just a little shallower.
2) Loosen the soil in and around the hole so the roots can easily break through.
3) Use your fingers to separate the roots of your Mediterranean Cypress tree and gently position them downward in the hole. The top of the root flare (where the roots end and the trunk begins) should be about an inch above the surrounding soil.
4) Hold the tree straight as you begin to backfill the site, tamping down the soil as you go.
5) When completely back filled, apply water to settle the soil and remove any air pockets.

Planting Instructions (potted): Mediterranean Cypress can also be successfully grown in containers.

1) When selecting a container for your cypress, be sure it has plenty of holes in the bottom as drainage is essential. The pot size should be at least 2 times the size of the one it initially came in.
2) A good potting soil such as Miracle Grow should be fine for filling in the open space but try to leave space in the top for watering.
3) Choose a location on the patio, backyard, front/side of the house providing it will receive full to partial sun.
4) If bringing indoors during the winter, keep by a sunny window and water as needed. Avoid exposure to both drafts and heat from windows or vents.

Watering (in the ground): Water your Mediterranean Cypress evenly until the soil becomes moist. You’ll want the area to look and feel moist but not to the point where it’s over saturated or soggy. Allow the soil to dry for a few days until it feels dry to the touch about 2 inches below the surface. A slow drip from a garden hose works best as it allows the water to penetrate the soil deeply down to the roots without over saturating it.

During excessive hot and dry weather you may need to up the watering to three times weekly. Some regions in the Southwestern U.S. can have very dry winters, if located in that area and suffering a winter drought, you should water twice a month through the winter season.

Watering (potted): Stick you finger into the potting soil down to a depth of 2 inches and feel around for any moisture. If the soil is drying out, go ahead and water it until you see it escaping the drainage holes and then stop. If there is some moisture present, leave it be until the soil dries a bit more.

Fertilizing: Fertilize your tree well after a year of growth once the root system has had enough time to establish. This will speed up the growth of your tree and provide beneficial nutrients. Using a general fertilizer such as a 10-10-10 formula once every spring will give it a boost. Alternatively, you can feed the tree with solid tree fertilizer spikes labeled for use on evergreens. You’ll find the proper number of spikes to use in the directions on the fertilizer packaging.

Pruning: If you intend on letting your cypress tree grow to its full, mature height then very little pruning will be needed. If you plan to keep your trees from growing past a certain point or want them to stay in an ornate shape, then pruning more regularly will be required.

Pest: The Mediterranean Cypress can sometimes suffer from canker. Trees, like people, can suffer from diseases due to stress. Under watering and extreme heat are the biggest causes of distress. In the case of cankers, trim off browning limbs. Spray with a copper-fungicide making sure to follow packaging instructions for the optimum effectiveness.

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