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What to Expect From Your Flowers in June

The Fast Growing Trees Team — Jun 05, 2023

What are your flowering plants doing right now?

By now, your landscape is well into the growing and flowering season, no matter where you call home. June is a time of transition for your plants, so while your landscape is still actively growing, you might start to see signs of stress, as well (which is normal)! Here’s what to expect from your flowering plants in June:

TLC is Key

  • Keep those flowers coming by deadheading! This won’t work for all flowering plants, but ones like roses or hydrangeas will produce more blooms when older ones are cut off. 
  • Have fun with your flowers! It’s fantastic to enjoy them in the garden, but consider using them in other ways by cutting them and displaying them in vases or pressing them for year-round beauty. 
  • Some ornamental trees like crabapples might have some small fruits on them after flowering. While this is rare, it’s no cause for concern and should lessen with age. These trees are bred for their flowers, leaves and fragrance, so just leave the fruits for the wildlife. 
  • Trees like japanese maples or redbuds are known for their striking, color-changing leaves. This change is partly due to sunlight, and it might not happen all over the tree at the same time depending on the sun and placement in your yard. Keep your care consistent and give your tree time. As it ages, any leaf color inconsistencies should even out. 
  • Keep an eye out for standing water and dump it out if you can. This will help keep the mosquito population down. 
  • Plant annuals near your flowering plants to add color and mix up your landscape. Annuals will attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden, and in some cases, plants like geraniums can actually repel insect pests! 

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            More Blooms Please!

            deadheading flowers

            As counterintuitive as it may seem, deadheading, or removing spent blooms actually helps produce more blooms! But not all flowering plants require it, and it’s important to follow the proper technique. Dig in as we explain the do’s and don’ts of deadheading so your flowers will stay as lively and lush as can be!

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