Video: Easy Patio Improvements

Ryon — Jun 24

It's easy to turn your patio into a quiet, relaxing corner, or the perfect entertaining spot. Watch as we style a patio with just a few plants, adding seating area shade, flowering color and more!

Here's what we use:

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A banana tree adds tropical shade to a small seating area

Moonglow Junipers are excellent for creating a small privacy screen

Bright-flowering Hibiscus Trees add a pop of color

    Full Transcript: Easy Patio Improvements

    Your patio can be the perfect entertaining spot or a quiet relaxing oasis. Here are a few easy ways to spruce up your space so you're ready to enjoy your patio.

    If you have a tight space, you may be looking for more height than width. Lilac trees offer easy care and stay under 8 feet tall.

    A Banana Tree will grow with a tall trunk and big leaves to offer shade for your seating area and add a tropical touch. If you're looking to fill a space with flowers you can add a Hibiscus or Double Blooming Gardenia Tree.

    You can also add spring blossoms and fresh fruit with a patio citrus tree like a Calamondin Orange.

    Finally, if you want to conceal an unattractive area or add a small privacy screen to your patio, a row of Moonglow Junipers will do the trick. can help you bring life to your outdoor space. Shop our patio plants today.

    Ryon Hinson

    Ryon is the Senior Creative Manager at He tries to show the unique elements of every tree and plant he captures, so viewers can confidently create a garden they love.

    He’s constantly learning fun new plant facts, and can be found sharing new plant tips with his wife. His favorite tree is the Rising Sun Redbud for its spring blooms and uniquely-colored leaf pattern. He's often driving around looking for the most colorful and unique plants to film and share with the community.

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