Video: Dragon Fruit Cactus

Sarah Logie — Nov 11

Our Dragon Fruit Cactus is an exotic cactus with versatile, tropical appeal. Follow along as our Plant Expert, Meredith, walks us through its delectable, neon pink fruit and large, fragrant flowers that enchant landscapes and containers. You'll want to add it to your garden or patio for refreshing, tantalizing fruit!

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    Dragon Fruit Cactus
    Plant Expert, Meredith, shows off our Dragon Fruit Cactus!

    Dragon Fruit Cactus
    Dragon Fruit Cactus

    Full Transcript: Dragon Fruit Cactus

    Hi, my name is Meredith and I have the Dragon Fruit Cactus in front of me.

    It is a cactus but it's unique because it is a climbing cactus so it's actually a vine and it's where those tasty bright pink fruits with the white center with all the little black seeds come from.

    So, you can actually grow your own in your yard. They are warm climate but if you live in a colder climate you can do that, as well, just grow them in a container and make sure to support them. They are pretty easy to grow.

    They like full sun and even moisture especially in the fruiting season, so you can have plenty of dragon fruits at home.

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